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Our Members

ISHLT was created in 1981 at a small gathering of about 15 cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. Today we have over 3,700 members from over 45 countries, representing over 15 different professional disciplines involved in the management and treatment of end-stage heart and lung disease. This multinational, multidisciplinary mix is one of the biggest strengths of the Society. It brings greater breadth and depth to our educational offerings and provides an exceptional environment for networking and exchanging information on an informal basis.

Our members include anesthesiologists, basic scientists, cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, ethicists, immunologists, nurses, pathologists, perfusionists, pharmacists, pulmonologists, tissue engineers, transplant coordinators, and infectious disease specialists. Despite their differing specializations, all ISHLT members share a common dedication to the advancement of the science and treatment of end-stage heart and lung disease.

ISHLT membership is offered on a calendar year basis. Dues are prorated to 50% for individuals joining after 30 June. To receive this discount, use code ISHLTMIDYEAR at checkout. Individuals joining after 31 August must pay a full year's dues but will receive membership for September through December at no charge.



ISHLTconnect, our members-only online community, provides a platform for networking, sharing ideas, getting advice and feedback, comparing strategies and more. This powerful collaboration tool hosts forums for:
  • 10 Professional Communities (Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, etc.)
  • 4 Interdisciplinary Networks (Advanced Heart Failure, Advanced Lung Failure, MCS, PAH and CTEPH)
  • Early career professionals
  • Students, residents, and trainees
  • Mentorship
  • Job listings
  • COVID-19 collaboration

Resources for Junior and Trainee Members

Junior and trainee members can access two online communities in ISHLTconnect: Early Career Professionals, for individuals who completed training less than six years ago, and Student/Resident/Trainees, for individuals actively participating in a formal training program.


ISHLTconnect hosts a dedicated COVID-19 forum to facilitate interaction with peers around the world. Topics include:
  • Current COVID-19 recommendations
  • Prevention of COVID-19 infection in transplant recipients
  • Management of transplant recipients COVID-19 infection
  • Donor evaluation and selection strategies, including donor testing algorithms
  • Waitlist management for transplant candidates

Membership Directory

Members have access to our Membership Directory through ISHLTconnect, allowing them to find contact and affiliation information for all members.

Job Board

Members have access to a dedicated ISHLTconnect forum for posting and seeking available job opportunities in the field of heart and lung transplantation.