Membership Categories

There are four categories of ISHLT membership:

  1. Active Membership is open to all individuals actively engaged in transplantation medicine or related medical or commercial fields. Active members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.
  2. Associate Membership is open to all individuals in training (resident, fellow, medical student, nursing student, graduate student). Associate members are assessed a reduced membership fee. Associate membership is limited to three years. Associate members may not vote or hold office but may serve on committees.
  3. Emeritus Membership is bestowed by the Board of Directors upon individuals who are active members of the Society in good standing, who have retired from active practice, and who, in the estimation of the Board, have made significant contributions to the Society. Membership fees are waived for Emeritus members. Emeritus members may vote and serve on committees but may not hold office.
  4. Retired Membership is granted to all members who write to the board requesting it, who have been members in good standing for the 10 years prior to the request, and who have retired from active medical practice. Membership dues are waived for retired members. Retired members do not receive the JHLT and may not vote, hold office, or serve on committees. Retired status will be granted at each Fall meeting of the Board of Directors, to take effect the following calendar year.

ISHLT membership is offered on a calendar year basis. Dues are prorated to 50% for individuals joining after June 30. Individuals joining after October 31 must pay a full year's dues, but receive membership for November and December at no charge.