In-Kind Educational Grants

An In-Kind Educational Grant is foundational support from ISHLT to another organization in the form of up to 8 hours of medical or scientific educational program content, including educational format, session topics, presentation titles, teaching points, recommended speakers, and recommended session chairs, for the other organization's use in conducting a meeting exclusively for educational purposes. The development of individual presentation content is not a part of the In-Kind Educational Grant and is the responsibility of the faculty selected for the event.

ISHLT's primary goal for providing In-Kind Educational Grants to other organizations is to deliver education to geographical areas where such expertise is not available locally AND where the local medical community does not have the contacts necessary to procure such expertise on their own. Only those Applications which are determined by ISHLT to meet this goal will be considered for an In-Kind Educational Grant.

In-Kind Educational Grants are available only for live (face-to-face) educational activities conducted by non-profit professional medical societies, governmental agencies/regulatory authorities, and non-profit, disease/therapy-oriented membership organizations, including patient organizations, not affiliated with any commercial entity or healthcare provider/organization/institution.

In-Kind Educational Grants are available only for meetings with a desired focus on 1) improving the care of patients with advanced heart or lung disease through transplantation, mechanical support and innovative therapies or 2) improving access to advanced therapies end-stage lung or heart disease.

Organizations seeking ISHLT an In-Kind Educational Grant to for an educational activity are asked to review the ISHLT In-Kind Educational Grant Policies prior to completing the Application for an In-Kind Educational Grant (Word Doc). Applications must be submitted no less than 18 months prior to the planned date of the meeting.