Branislav Radovancevic Best MCS Abstract Award


About the Award:

Established in 2009 and funded through a grant from Thoratec, this award was a $2500 travel award to the ISHLT Annual Meeting designed to encourage submission of high quality abstracts in the mechanical circulatory support category. The goal of the award was to encourage scholarly clinical work in MCS and to facilitate scientific exchange regarding MCS. Dr. Radovancevic, a long-time member of ISHLT, was devoted to the encouragement of scientific collaboration with Eastern European physicians and scientists. This award was designed to encourage others to continue his efforts to develop MCS and provide mentorship to others. This award was funded by a grant from Thoratec in memory of ISHLT member Branislav (Brano) Radovancevic. Funding for this award has concluded.



2014  Jason O. Robertson, MD
"Concomitant Aortic Valve Procedures in Patients Undergoing Implantation of Continuous-Flow LVADs: An INTERMACS Database Analysis"

2013  Claire Watkins, MD
"Evaluation of the Infant Jarvik Ventricular Assist Device in a Chronic Juvenile Sheep Model"

2012  Arun Raghav Mahankali Sridhar, MD, MPH
"Trends in Utilization and Costs of Left Ventricular Assist Device Therapy for Advanced Heart Failure in US – Results from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample 2005-2008"

2010  Jose N. Nativi, MD
"Determinants of Survival in Patients Bridged to Heart Transplantation with Continuous-Flow Versus Pulsatile-Flow Ventricular Assist Devices"