ISHLT Academies Return with Core Competencies Course in Pulmonary Hypertension

Online and self-paced, the PH Core Academy is designed for junior faculty, trainees, and anyone interested in a refresher

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ADDISON, Texas – 30 September, 2021 – The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) Academies have returned. The ISHLT Academies are standalone educational courses designed to improve and maintain the highest possible standards in the care of patients with advanced heart and lung disease. While the 2021 Academies were not able to be held face-to-face, the ISHLT has released its Core Competencies course in Pulmonary Hypertension with an online, self-paced curriculum.

“The PH Core Academy features international experts in pulmonary hypertension, and provides insight into what to do with those ‘grey’ cases,” says Colin Church, BSc(hons), MBChB, FRCP, PhD, Chair of the PH Academy. “This series of interactive sessions allows learners to hear discussions on hot topics in pulmonary vascular medicine. Our faculty will present its opinions using a combination of clinical evidence and insight from their own experiences. The course is for everyone who wants to know more about pulmonary hypertension and how it affects patients across all the ISHLT disciplines.”

Core Academies courses are designed for trainees and professionals in the early stages of their careers, or for those interested in refreshing their knowledge with an update on the current state of the field. This program was created to help clinicians manage treatment efficiently and improve patient outcomes. “We have a truly amazing program prepared,” says Ryan J. Tedford, MD, Co-Chair of the PH Academy. “We’ll touch on some of my favorite topics, including right ventricular physiology to RV-PA coupling; right heart catheterization, which is so hard to get right; as well as the diagnosis and management of group 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 PH. It’s an amazing Core Academy and we sincerely hope anyone in training or interested in the topic will check it out.”

Additional topics covered in the course include:
  • Understanding and diagnosing different types of PH
  • CTEPH management and latest advances
  • Advanced PH management, RV failure, and transplant
  • Unique and miscellaneous cases
The training is modular, online, and self-guided, so learners can progress at their own pace. Course participants can earn six (6) CME credits (or 6 CE credits for Nurses and ACPE) for this activity once all modules are completed.

“After a brief pause, our ISHLT Core and Master Academies will return in full in 2022 following one of the ISHLT’s primary missions to provide education to all providers involved in the care of patients with advanced heart or lung disease,” says Kevin Chan, MD, ISHLT Education Oversight Committee Chair. “Core courses offer an overview curriculum covering the principles of either heart or lung transplantation, and Master courses involve a more focused experiential discussion on best practices or nuanced care of patients encountering more controversial aspects of thoracic organ failure. ISHLT will offer these educational programs in a variety of formats in the future, including virtually, in conjunction with the 2022 ISHLT Annual Meeting, and as standalone events later in the year.”

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