ISHLT Elects New Board Members

Incoming volunteer leadership brings diverse geographic and multidisciplinary representation to the ISHLT Board

6 January, 2021 – The International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation has announced the results of the member election for 2021 Board of Directors. The Society will welcome seven members of the Board of Directors at the 41st Annual ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions in April 2021.

Elected officers include Andreas Zuckermann, MD, who will begin his term as President-Elect in April 2021; Michael A. Shullo, PharmD, who will continue as Treasurer through April 2022; and Christian Benden, MD, MBA, FCCP, who will continue as Secretary through April 2022.

The elected members of the Board of Directors are:
Andreas Zuckermann, MD | President-Elect
Director Cardiac Transplantation
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Dr. Zuckermann has served in numerous volunteer roles at ISHLT, including as Annual Meeting Program Chair in 2015, as Academy Chair for Core Competencies in MCS in 2013, as the Master Class Chair for AHFTX in 2019, and as a speaker at the Annual Meeting multiple times.
Michael A. Shullo, PharmD | Treasurer
Associate Vice President - Transplantation
West Virginia University Hospitals
Morgantown, WV, USA

Dr. Shullo has dedicated many hours of time and experience to the ISHLT in a variety of leadership roles, including Treasurer, Director on the Board, and council Chair. He has also been a member of the Re-Organization Task Force, COVID-19 Task Force, and the Annual Meeting Program Committee; as well as a speaker/presenter at various Annual Meetings and on ISHLTv.
Christian Benden, MD, MBA, FCCP | Secretary
Adjunct Professor of Pulmonology and Transplant Medicine
University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Benden has served in a variety of roles at ISHLT, including as Chair and member of the Annual Meeting Program Committee; presenter on ISHLTv and at the Annual Meeting; Chair, Vice-Chair and Co-Chair of the Pediatric Scientific Council; member of the JHLT Editorial Board; and Director on the Board of Directors.
Marc de Perrot, MD | Director
Toronto General Hospital
Toronto, ON Canada

Dr. de Perrot currently serves as the representative Cardiothoracic Surgery Professional Community representative to the Pulmonary Vascular Disease (PAH & CTEPH) Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committee, as a project lead on the Standards and Guidelines Committee, and as a speaker at the Annual Meeting.
Daniel F. Dilling, MD | Director Medical Director of Lung Transplantation
Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine
Maywood, IL USA

Dr. Dilling has served as Academy Chair for the LTX Master Class, Co-Director for the LTX Academy Core Class, Education Workforce leader on the Pulmonary Council, on the Strategic Planning Committee, as Chair of the Junior Faculty and Trainee Council, on multiple Annual Meeting Program Committees, and a speaker at various Annual Meetings.
Mardi Gomberg-Maitland, MD, MSc | Director
Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program
George Washington University Heart and Vascular Institute
Washington, DC USA

Dr. Gomberg-Maitland has served in a variety of roles for ISHLT, including the Program Committee, as Associate Chair for the Standards and Guidelines Committee, Chair for the PH Core Academy, Chair and Vice Chair for the Pulmonary Hypertension Council, and as speaker at the Annual Meeting and for the PH Core Academy.
Angela Lorts, MD, MBA | Director
Director of Ventricular Assist Devices / Associate Chief Quality Officer - Outcomes
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Cincinnati, OH USA

Dr. Lorts has served as the PEDS MCS Academy Chair, member of the Annual Meeting Program Committee, Document Project Lead on the Standards & Guidelines Committee, as Pediatrics Representative to the MCS Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committee, and as a speaker at the Annual Meeting.
Beginning at the end of April 2021, the new composition of the Board will be:
President: Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD, MPH, Infectious Diseases, USA (2023)
Past President: Joseph G. Rogers, MD, Cardiologist, USA (2022)
President-Elect: Andreas Zuckermann, MD, Cardiac Surgeon, Austria (2024)
Treasurer: Michael A. Shullo, PharmD, Pharmacist, USA (2022)
Secretary: Christian Benden, MD, MBA FCCP, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Switzerland (2022)
Director: Edward Cantu, MD, MSCE, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, USA (2023)
Director: Marc de Perrot, MD, Thoracic and Lung Transplant Surgeon, Canada (2024)
Director: Daniel F. Dilling, MD, Pulmonologist, USA (2024)
Director: Martin J. Goddard, FRCS, MRCPa, Pathologist, UK (2022)
Director: Mardi Gomberg-Maitland, MD, MSc, Cardiologist, USA (2024)
Director: Are Holm, MD, PhD, Pulmonologist, Norway (2023)
Director: Ulrich P. Jorde, MD, Cardiologist, USA (2022)
Director: Annemarie Kaan, MCN, RN, Nurse, Canada (2022)
Director: Kiran K. Khush, MD, MAS, Cardiologist, USA (2023)
Director: Angela Lorts, MD, MBA, Pediatric Cardiologist, USA (2024)
Director: Tereza Martinu, MD, MHS, Pulmonologist, Canada (2023)


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