Core Competency Curriculum Documents

A key component of the ISHLT's educational curriculum is the development of documents that serve to provide a foundation for the later development of educational courses. The Core Competency Curriculum Document (CCCD) is one of these. The CCCD is a foundational document that defines a priori the learning objectives and established contents in the field. This key document outlines the fundamental principles that the specific specialist should know, though not necessarily everything they should know. It also serves as the documentation for the written practice gap that must be the starting point for the development of all ISHLT Academy Core Competency Courses. These CCCD are also excellent resources for self-directed learning.

Scientific Councils desiring to develop a CCCD must first submit a Core Competency Curriculum Document Application Form for review and approval by the Education Committee.

The currently available Core Competency Documents developed by the ISHLT Scientific Councils are as follows: