Past Journal Watches



February 2022 (PDF) by DS Evangelista B and Katia Bravo-Jaimes March 2022 (PDF) by Luis Martinez, Matthew Burrage, and Ran Lee


February 2021 (PDF) by Gilbert Orús and Aditi Singhvi
March 2021 (PDF) by Sheila Krishnan and Sarah Medrek
June 2021 (PDF) by Shahnawaz Amdani, Neha Bansal, and Kyle Hope July 2021 (PDF) by Paola Morejon and Anna Kydd October 2021 (PDF) by Jennifer Pavone, Anju Bardwhaj, Russell Perkins, and Katherine Milley November 2021 (PDF) by Rebecca Kumar, Rachel Sigler, and Sonya Trinh December 2021 (PDF) by Prangthip Charoenpong, Anh Nguyen, and Vicky Gerovasili  


January 2020 (PDF) by Kyle Hope and Ann Punnoose
February 2020 (PDF) Amir Emtiazjoo and Sheila Krishnan
March 2020 (PDF) Georgina Waldman and Kwadwo Amankwa
June 2020 (PDF) by Dalila Masic and Tara Veasey
November 2020 (PDF) by Caroline Patterson
December 2020 (PDF) by Jonathan Hand, Nancy Law, Sonya Trinh, and Veronique Verplancke


September 2019 (PDF) by Marty Tam and Kiran Mirza
October 2019 (PDF) by Caroline Patterson and C.T. Gan
November 2019 (PDF) by Jamila Kremer
December 2019 (PDF) by Van-Khue Ton


MCS – January 2018 Summary (PDF) by Maria D. Avila, MD, FACC
BSTR – February 2018 Review (PDF) by Mary Porteous
BSTR – June 2018 Review (PDF) by Ronald D. Bazter
April 2018 Summary (PDF) by Philipp Angleitner and Andreas Zuckermann


HFTX – January 2017 Summary (PDF) by Brian Clarke
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Hanan B. AlBackr
HFTX – February 2017 Summary (PDF) by Jignesh Patel
HFTX – March 2017 Summary (PDF) by Dolly B. Tyan and Vlad Cotarlan (Special Theme Issue: C1q Antibodies in Thoracic Transplantation)
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Van-Khue Ton
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Van-Khue Ton
HFTX – August 2017 Summary (PDF) by Luciano Potena
HFTX – September 2017 Summary (PDF) by Agnieszka Ciarka
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Hannah Copeland
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Margarita Peradejordi Lastras
BSTR – November 2017 Review (PDF) by Hrishikesh Kulkarni
HFTX – November 2017 Summary (PDF) by Tor Clemmensen and David Baran
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Abbas Bitar
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Gillian Grafton


BSTR – January 2016 Review (PDF) by Dan Chambers
HFTX – January 2016 Summary (PDF) by Kim Anderson and Nancy Reinsmoen (Special Theme Issue: Non-HLA Antibodies in Thoracic)
BSTR – February 2016 Review (PDF) by Ivan Robbins
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Anique Ducharme
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Mrudula Munagal
BSTR – March 2016 Review (PDF) by Julien Guihaire
BSTR – April 2016 Review (PDF) by Elie Fadel
MCS – April Pediatric MCS Review by Michael Carboni and Angela Lorts
BSTR – May 2016 Review (PDF) by Dong Wang
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Kruti Pandya
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Keshava Rajagopal
BSTR – June 2016 Review (PDF) by Simon Pecha
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Kim Anderson and Farooq Sheikh
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Jorge Silva Enciso
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Alexander Bernhardt
MCS – August Pediatric MCS Review by Michelle Ploutz
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Jonathan Grinstein
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Deepak Acharya
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Renzo Y. Loyaga-Rendon
BSTR – November 2016 Review (PDF) by Nicole Casciello & Jill Krisl
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Renzo Y. Loyaga-Rendon
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Mohammad Alshammri


HFTX – January 2015 Summary (PDF) by Burhan Mohamedali and Rajeev Mohan
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Hassan Alhosaini
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Markus Wilhelm
HFTX – February 2015 Summary (PDF) by Salil Deo and Kruti Pandya
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Christopher Chien
HFTX – March 2015 Summary (PDF) by Jaime Hernandez Montfort and Sharon Hunt (Special Theme Issue: Classic Articles in Heart Transplantation)
MCS – March Summary (PDF) by Guy MacGowan
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by Jennifer Conway
HFTX – April 2015 Summary (PDF) by Lynn Punnoose and David Baran
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by Maria Frigerio
HFTX – May 2015 Summary (PDF) by Melissa Smallfield and Lars Gullestad
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Kavitha Muthiah
HFTX – June 2015 Summary (PDF) by Shriprasad Deshpande and Shawn West
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Ashwin Ravichandran
HFTX – July 2015 Summary (PDF) by Palak Shah and Jack Copeland
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Nandini Nair
HFTX – August 2015 Summary (PDF) by Feras Khaliel and Andrew Kao (Special Theme Issue: Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation)
HFTX – September 2015 Summary (PDF) by Mustafa Ahmed
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Agnieszka Ciarka
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Hima Vidula
HFTX – October 2015 Summary (PDF) by Anique Ducharme and Gautam Ramani
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Jaime Hernandez-Montfort
BSTR – October 2015 Review (PDF) by Ramin Beygui
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Marian Urban
HFTX – November 2015 Summary (PDF) by Kruti Pandya and Jose Nativi-Nicolau
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by William Stansfield
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Mahazarin Ginwalla
BSTR – December 2015 Review (PDF) by John Squiers, Brian Lima, and Michael DiMaio
MCS – 2015 Year in Review Summary (PDF) by Jose Nativi-Nicolau
MCS – 2015 Year in Review Summary (PDF) by Jan Schmitto


MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Umraan Ahmad
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Patricia Campbell
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Hirsch S. Mehta
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Nandan K. Mondal
MCS – March Summary (PDF) by Daniel Sims and Rita Jermyn
MCS – March Summary (PDF) by Simon Maltais
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by  Kambiz Ghafourian
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by Andrew Kao
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Michael Bowdish
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Angela Lorts
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Hoong Sern Lim
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Jose Nativi-Nicolau
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Pamela Combs
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Nicolas Brozzi
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Ajay Srivastava
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Palak Shah
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Mustafa Sirlak
HFTX – November 2014 Summary (PDF) by Jared Herr and Michael Pham
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Vlad Cotarlan
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Bryan Whitson
HFTX – December 2014 Summary (PDF) by Tarun Dasari and Nandini Nair
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Shane LaRue
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Brent Lampert


MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Jay Pal
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Melana Yuzefpolskaya
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Alexander Bernhardt
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Shri Deshpande
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Diyar Saeed
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Jose Gonzalez-Costello
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Jay Bhama
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by John Entwistle