If you missed the ISHLT Membership Town Hall to discuss the new structure, you can find the recording and a copy of the presentation slides here.

This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of ISHLT! As we acknowledge and honor our collective past, it is my pleasure to introduce a new ISHLT organizational structure – a platform that will improve the experience for ISHLT members and the impact of our work together for the next 40 years.

Two years ago, the ISHLT board of directors launched an assessment of our organization’s operating structure and sustainability. ISHLT’s growth and diversity had outpaced our capacity and structure. And like all organizations, ISHLT was evolving in response to changes in how we interact with our professional societies, and the way healthcare societies create responsive, scalable organizations to foster engagement and improve care.

This important work was led by a purpose-built task force, working with ISHLT leaders, members, and an external consultant, and drawing on qualitative and quantitative data sets from members, non-members and our historical operations.

The result is a reimagined ISHLT, one that offers more opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, more voices in leadership and an infrastructure capable of supporting our strategic goals.

The cornerstones of the new structure are Professional Communities, Interdisciplinary Networks, and a Leadership Advisory Forum.
  • Eleven Professional Communities will serve as the primary affiliation point for members. You will be able to choose one primary Professional Community and engage with multiple Professional Communities.
  • Four Interdisciplinary Networks will allow you to interact around therapy and disease-based interests that comprise the ISHLT (MCS, Advanced Heart Failure & Transplantation, Advanced Lung Failure & Transplantation, Pulmonary Vascular Disease [PH & CTEPH]). You can choose to affiliate with one or more Networks.
  • A Leadership Advisory Forum comprised of selected representatives from the broad range of ISHLT constituencies will provide the ISHLT Board of Directors input and feedback.
What happens next?
  • The implementation of the new structure will take place in stages over the next few months. Details regarding each stage of the implementation process will be forthcoming.
  • The first change of significance is that the current Scientific Councils will wind down this month and cease to operate as of February 28, 2020. The Professional Communities and Interdisciplinary Networks will be launched shortly thereafter. You will receive details on how to become engaged with your Professional Community and Interdisciplinary Networks soon.
  • The new structure will come fully to life during our 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting, April 22-25 in Montreal.
Questions and Discussion...
There will be a robust effort to support and engage with you throughout the implementation of our new structure, including a series of Virtual Town Hall Meetings with members of the Organizational Remodel Task Force and an Organizational Remodel Community in ISHLTConnect for feedback and questions.

We look forward to engaging with you in the new ISHLT, and we hope to see you in Montreal this April.


Stuart Sweet, M.D., Ph.D.
President, ISHLT
Organizational Remodel Task Force

Jeff Teuteberg, M.D.
Past President, ISHLT
Chair, Organizational Remodel Task Force

Joseph Rogers, M.D.
President-Elect, ISHLT
Organizational Remodel Task Force

Michael Shullo, Pharm.D.
Board Member, ISHLT
Organizational Remodel Task Force