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June 2018 | volume 9, issue 13

Focusing on the ISHLT 2018 Annual Meeting

Many thanks to all who attended and/or participated in Nice!

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Showing Up


Everyone has their strengths, their specialties, their specific interest. But what are they? What's most popular? Which sessions at ISHLT 2018 garnered the most interest and intrigue, and captivated the largest audience?


Symposium 14 - Old Cells, New Tricks: Updates on Transplant Immunology

Chairs: Stijn Verleden, PhD and Tereza Martinu
Speakers: Daniel R Goldstein, MD; Gregor Warnecke, PhD; John R Greenland, MD, PhD; Carla C Baan, PhD; Lori West, MD, DPhil, Andrew Gelman, PhD

Session Summary: Graft-specific responses involve a coordinated effort between multiple immune cell types. Exciting advances in transplant immunology are providing insights into these complex interactions that will affect both present and future care for heart and lung allograft recipients. This session will highlight cutting edge transplant immunology research into T, B, and NK lymphocytes and neutrophils, and describe how available therapies affect the cells.


Symposium 12 - CTEPH: Challenges in Intervention Decision Making

Chairs: Elie Fadel, MD and William Auger, MD
Speakers: Mark Toshner, MD; Michael M Madani, MD; Irene Lang, MD; Mithun Chakravarthy, MD; Isabelle Opitz, MD; Joanna Pepke-Zaba, PhD, FRCP; Olaf Mercier, MD; Hiromi Matsubara, MD, PhD

Session Summary: This symposium will focus on the key challenges in decision making that physicians face in managing a rising number of patients with Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension CTEPH) – especially those with 'early' disease and those with severe, distal disease. Presented in a debate format, this symposium highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each approach in a case based discussion.


Symposium 15 - We Never Stop Learning: 50th Anniversary of Heart Transplantation

Chairs: Maryl R Johnson, MD and Hermann Reichenspurner, MD, PhD
Speakers: Brent Evje; Sir Terence English, KBE, FRCS; Marco Masetti, MD; Robert L Page, PharmD, MSPH; Elizabeth H Hammond, MD; Sharon A. Hunt, MD

Session Summary: Heart transplantation has evolved from a highly specialized procedure performed at only a handful of centers to a routine treatment option for end-stage heart failure. This session will highlight the historical milestones in surgical techniques, immunosuppression, pathology interpretation, and recipient management that have helped to define the field over the past 50 years.


Symposium 22 - Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in Thoracic Organ Transplantation - A Changing Landscape

Chairs: Aric Gregson, MD and Macé M Shuurmans
Speakers: Jutta K Preiksaitis, MD; Kovi Levin, MD; Paolo A Grossi, MD, PhD; Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD, MPH; Robin Avery, MD; Kyle Dawson, MBA, BCPS

Session Summary: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) continues to present diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for clinicians caring for thoracic organ transplant recipients. Advances in CMV detection, such as quantitative PCR, have introduced uncertainties about when to initiate and cease therapy. Newer CMV immunoassays may change how we manage CMV. Prolonged prophylactic strategies with valganciclovir have reduced disease incidence, but present new challenges, including resistant and potentially untreatable CMV disease.


Symposium 03 - Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (CLAD): Where Are We Now?

Chairs: Cynthia Gries, MD, MSc and Are Martin Holm, MD, PhD
Speakers: Robin Vos, MD, PhD; Adrian C Lawrence, MD, MACM; Johanna Kwakkel-van Erp, MD, PhD; Andrew J Fisher, FRCP, PhD; Jamie L Todd, MD; Jens Gottlieb, MD

Session Summary: The pathogenesis of CLAD involves both alloimmune and non-alloimmune pathways. This multicouncil forum will present up-to-date knowledge about the pathobiology of CLAD phenotypes including new paradigms of pathophysiology, host-pathogen interactions, the impact of lung microbiome and pulmonary infections upon innate immunity and their impact on CLAD development, diagnosis using more sensitive pulmonary function parameters, radiographic and pathological correlates, and therapeutic strategies.


Symposium 17 - Rapid Update on MCS Complications and Management: The Unpublished

Chairs: Bastian Schmack, MD and Aly El Banayosy, MD
Speakers: Andre Vincentelli, MD, PhD; Omar Saeed, MD; Joshua Z Willey, MD, MAS; Jennifer Cowger, MD, MS; Saima Aslam, MD, MS; Susan Joseph, MD; Nir Uriel, MD; Evgenij V Potapov, MD, PhD

Session Summary: Mechanical Circulatory Support management is constantly evolving. While serious adverse events such as bleeding, thrombosis, stroke and RV failure are now recognized, comprehensive prevention and treatment strategies have either not been developed or are in constant flux.


Oral Session 12 - The Leading Edge: Novel Pracitices in Patient Care Pathways

Chairs:Nicola Robinson Smith, RN and Kevin C Carney, MSN, CRNP, CCTC
Abstract Presenters: Felix Strangl, MD; Anne Luke, MS; Mohammad Alrawashdeh, PhDc, MSN; Felicia Schenkel, NP; Aman Sidhu, MD, MSc; Annette DeVito Dabbs, PhD, RN


Oral Session 18 - Mining the Tissue Biopsy: Molecular Signals of Rejection

Chairs: E Rene Rodriguez, MD and Alexandra Rice, FRCPath
Abstract Presenters: Hannah Valantine, MD, MACP; Jean-Paul Duong Van Huyen, MD, PhD; Jeff Reeve, PhD; Fiorella Calabrese, MD; Kieran Halloran, MD


Symposium 31 - Pediatric Heart Failure: MCS, ICU Care, and Early Graft Dysfunction

Chairs: Estela Azeka, MD and Holger W Buchholz, MD
Speakers: Katsuhide Maeda, MD; Farhan Zafar, MD; Martin Schweiger, MD, PhD; Kimberly Lin, MD; Steven A Webber, MBChB; Anne Dipchand, MD

Session Summary: The goal of this session is to gain a better understanding of the evaluation and treatment of the failing heart in the intensive care unit setting. This will include discussions on evaluation and treatment of acute heart failure in both cardiomyopathy and congenital heart disease, care of patients on mechanical circulatory support while awaiting heart transplant and care in the ICU after transplantation.


Symposium 20 - Malignancy in Transplantation: Too Much, Too Early or Too Little, Too Late?

Chairs: Haifa Lyster, MSc and Andreas Zuckermann, MD
Speakers: Howard Eisen, MD; Erik Verschuuren, MD, PhD; Nicole Kaiser, PharmD, BCOP; Monique Malouf, FRACP; Edward Horn, PharmD

Session Summary: The session will cover malignancy after transplantation focusing on causes, epidemiology, effective treatments, and risks associated with immunosuppression minimization.


Symposium 29 - Joint ISHLT/ESC Symposium: Pulmonary Hypertension Due to Left Heart Disease: When RIGHT Meets LEFT

Chairs: Irene Lang, MD and Stephan Rosenkranz, MD
Speakers: Jean-Luc Vachiery, MD; Sanjiv J Shah, MD; Stephan Rosenkranz, MD; Susanna Mak, MD, PhD; Nazzareno Galiè, MD, Prof; Mardi Gomberg-Maitland, MD

Session Summary: This session, supported by a collaborative effort with the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), will discuss and debate the latest advances in PH due to left heart diseases, the leading cause of PH, after the World Symposium on PH held in Nice (Feb 25th to March 1st 2018). A panel discussion with all speakers will conclude this session.

For more details on these sessions, or others you might have missed, check out our Annual Meeting: Scientific Programs page of our website. ■


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