Other Communities

Some ISHLT members practice in specialties which are small within ISHLT. Once the ISHLT membership includes at least 10 members of a given professional specialty, we will create a Professional Community for them ISHLTConnect so they can begin to:
  • Network with colleagues and engage with each other regarding issues of interest
  • Mentor those who are in the early stages of their career
  • Welcome new members into the Society
  • Provide content experts to participate in developing and delivering ISHLT’s programs and services and serving in other volunteer capacities
Currently, Engineering and Perfusion are the two professional specialties within ISHLT with more than 10 but less than 40 members. Both of these specialties have Professional Communities established on ISHLTConnect.

Once the ISHLT membership includes at least 40 members of a given professional specialty we will create a formal Professional Community for them and that community can begin to also:
  • Elect representatives to the AHFTX, MCS, PVD, and ALFTX Interdisciplinary Networks.
  • Elect a representative to the Early Career and Trainee Committee
  • Provide a voice in the Leadership Advisory Forum
  • Identify interests and bringing them to the Interdisciplinary Networks and the Leadership Advisory Forum for consideration
  • See here for more details regarding the purposes, structure, and operations of the Professional Communities
See Also: Interdisciplinary Networks, Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committees, Early Career and Trainee Committee, and Leadership Advisory Forum