Professional Communities

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The Society’s members practice in more than 23 different professional specialty areas. Within ISHLT, our members are organized into 10 Professional Communities in which they network, provide mentorship, share expertise, and advance knowledge in their specialty as it relates to the mission of ISHLT. The members of the Professional Communities are the source of scientific and medical content expertise for all ISHLT programs and services.

These communities serve to:
  • Provide a forum for members with a common professional specialty to network with colleagues, engage with each other regarding issues of interest to the specialty, mentor early career professionals, and welcome new members
  • Identify specialty-level interests to be brought to the Interdisciplinary Networks and the Leadership Advisory Forum for consideration
  • Serve as the forum from which content experts for ISHLT’s programs and services are drawn
  • Provide a forum for new members and junior faculty to become engaged in the Society
  • Serve as an entry point for professional visibility and opportunity to participate in volunteer leadership opportunities
  • Serve as the locus for mentor-mentee relationship development
See Also: Interdisciplinary Networks, Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committees, Early Career and Trainee Committee, and Leadership Advisory Forum

Elected Professional Community Leaders
  • Serve as the Community’s leadership to proactively facilitate engagement and communications among the members
  • Connect community members with volunteer opportunities
  • Utilize the Society’s Roster of Potential Volunteers to identify members to fill volunteer positions
  • Moderate the Community’s online interactions ISHLTConnect and drive year-round engagement
  • Communicate with Community members regarding the relevant actions of the Interdisciplinary Networks
  • Represent the interests of the Community to the Steering Committees of the relevant Interdisciplinary Networks and, as requested, to the Leadership Advisory Forum, the Committees, and the Board
  • Upon request, provide community-specific insight and feedback to the Society leadership (Board, Committees, Leadership Advisory Forum) via the appropriate Interdisciplinary Network