Interdisciplinary Networks

ISHLT leverages the value of our interdisciplinarity to deliver on our mission by organizing into 4 core therapy/disease-focused practice areas called Interdisciplinary Networks Made up of members from the various Professional Communities, the purposes of the Interdisciplinary Networks (IDNs) are to provide a forum for Society members to:
  • Connect with members of other professional specialties who share a common therapy or disease interest and collaborate on issues and projects of common interest
  • Engage in interdisciplinary professional networking
  • Identify issues unique and relevant to the Network, from the perspective of all members of the patient care team
  • Identify opportunities for new programs and services to meet the needs of the interdisciplinary team
  • Conduct interdisciplinary peer review of ISHLT’s scientific output
  • Identify individuals to develop scientific content for ISHLT’s programs and services that has interdisciplinary value and relevance
  • Access opportunities to be involved as a volunteer leader of or contributor to the Society’s programs and services
  • Provide an interdisciplinary perspective on issues under consideration by the Board
  • Communicate Society’s strategy, direction, priorities, opportunities, etc. to members of the Network
See Also: Professional Communities, Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committees, Early Career and Trainee Committee, and Leadership Advisory Forum