Industry Theater Sessions


An Industry Theater Session is an opportunity for sponsors to provide meeting delegates with information about current therapies and products in an hour-long, non-CME session.

One-Hour Virtual Non-CME Session

♦  Broadcast Event ($15,000 USD)

  • 100 attendee maximum
  • Live text chat and text-only Q&A
  • Recording of session will be broadcast at the designated time only and not otherwise available to attendees

♦  Broadcast and On-Demand Event ($45,000 USD)

  • No limit on number of attendees
  • Live text chat and text Q&A for 45 minutes + 15 minute live Q&A session on screen
  • Recording will be available on the virtual platform for 3 months following the conclusion of the meeting
Recording of Session in MP4 format due Friday, 26 March

Companies who wish to conduct an Industry Theater Session must submit an Industry Theater Application Form for approval. Event applications due no later than Friday, 12 March.
  • Session time cannot conflict with ISHLT programming. Session times will be assigned by ISHLT.
  • Two (2) Industry Events will be held concurrently in each session hour: One (1) Corporate Event and one (1) Industry Theater Session.
Specifications and Support Includes:
  • Live text chat function for questions and interaction during the session.
  • Company logo may be included in presentation slides.
  • The following prominently placed text must be added to introduction slide: "This is an independent Non-CME event and is not an official part of the ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions."
  • Industry Event title must lead with "Non-CME Industry Event offered by XCOMPANY NAMEX – XSESSION TITLEX."
  • Session title, date and time will be listed in the meeting schedule, on the virtual platform and the ISHLT website.
  • Supporting company must pre-record the session in an MP4 format Friday, 26 March, to be uploaded to the site. It will be released to attendees at designated program time.
  • Session may not exceed 60 minutes.