Photography Policy

Materials presented at ISHLT’s annual meeting, including all slides, written and oral presentations, posters, and other materials displayed, shown, or otherwise published during the annual meeting are protected by copyright and may not be publicly displayed or republished without the express written consent of the copyright owner, except as expressly provided in this Policy.

Photographs and Audio Recording

  1. Limited Right to Share: Photographs and audio recordings may be taken but used ONLY with the publication of articles tied to the ISHLT2019 meeting.
    1. Attribution: an Attendee must give appropriate credit to the original author, and may not in any way suggest that the original author endorses the Attendee or his or her use
    2. Non-Commercial: an Attendee may not use the Meeting Materials for commercial purposes; and
    3. No Derivatives: if an Attendee remixes, transforms, or builds upon the Meeting Material, he or she may not distribute or publish the modified material.
  2. Poster and Exhibit Hall Presentations: Attendees of the annual meeting may take photographs and make recordings of Meeting Materials associated with Poster and Exhibit Hall presentations and displays for personal, non-commercial, use only. Attendees are strictly prohibited from sharing Meeting Materials associated with Poster Presentations without the express consent of the presenter or exhibitor and the copyright owner of such Meeting Materials.

No Disruptive Recordings or Photos

Attendees taking photos or audio recording of Meeting Materials must do so in a non-disruptive manner so as not to disturb the presenter and other Attendees. Flash photography is strictly prohibited.

Video Recording and Live Audio or Video Streaming

Video recording or live audio or video streaming of any Meeting Materials is strictly prohibited.