Embargo Policy

The media as well as corporations and institutions issuing press releases are required to abide by the embargo policies governing the Society's annual meeting.

The information contained in the abstracts is embargoed until the abstracts are available online. The abstracts selected for plenary, oral, and poster presentations will be posted online in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission's Regulation FD. At that time, the embargo will lift on the data included in the abstract, including the abstract title, presentation time and date, and study authors.

Information that goes beyond that which is contained in the four corners of the abstract (e.g., additional analysis, commentary, or updated information from those individuals and companies involved in the study) is embargoed according to the following criteria:
  • For oral presentations: The embargo time is the start time of the session in which the presentation is being made.
  • For poster presentations: The embargo lifts when the poster session containing the poster opens for viewing in the morning.