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The Exhibitor Application & Contract, executed by Exhibitor, shall, upon written acceptance by the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT), constitute a valid and binding contract. The following rules and regulations have been designed for the benefit of all Exhibitors and are part of the contract.

By submitting the official Exhibitor Application and Contract, the exhibiting company agrees to abide by all Rules and Regulations outlined in this Prospectus. The exhibiting company will be held responsible for the activities of its company representatives, international affiliates, co-marketing partners, third-party contractors, contracted public relations and marketing firms, and/or any agency appointed on its behalf. It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to disseminate the Rules and Regulations contained within this Prospectus to its staff and affiliates.
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The Exhibition is limited to companies displaying products or services which are, in the opinion of ISHLT, related to the field of end stage heart and lung failure and of professional interest/benefit to the meeting attendees. ISHLT reserves the sole authority to control all aspects of the ISHLT 43rd Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions’ Exhibition and determine the eligibility of any company and/or its product(s). ISHLT reserves the right to refuse applications from companies that do not meet the requirements.
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Payment in full is due with the application for space. Applications will not be considered complete and space assignments will not be made until payment has been received.

The Exhibitor Application and Contract may be cancelled by providing written notice to ISHLT. Refunds will be issued based on the cancellation policy, below:
Prior to 11 November, 2022: Full refund, less 10% processing fee
12 November, 2022 to 31 December, 2022: 50% of booth cost
After 31 December, 2022: No refund
All refunds will be processed after the meeting.

The International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation, its agents and employees, will not be liable for failure to hold the Meeting as scheduled.

Payments for the booth space will be returned in the event of cancellation of the meeting for any reason, including but not limited to fire, an act of God, the public enemy, strike, war, epidemic, or any law or regulation of public authority which makes it impossible, commercially impracticable, or illegal to hold the Meeting.
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Applications for exhibit space must be submitted using the official Exhibitor Application and Contract. Initial assignment of space will begin in December 2022 and will be based on total support for the Society, prior participation in Society exhibitions, date of receipt of application, payment in full, booth size requirements, booth height, and location of space requested. Assignment of space to Exhibitors whose contracts and payment are received after 11 November 2022 will be made in order of the date the application was received, including payment in full, based on availability. Exhibitors who wish to avoid assignment of space adjacent to that of a particular competitor should note that on their applications. Careful consideration will be given to all such requests, but accommodation is not guaranteed and can affect preferred booth assignment. Assignment of space shall constitute an acceptance of Exhibitor’s offer to occupy space.
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Inline and Corner Booth Construction/Dimensions
  •   10’x10’ floor space increments
  •   8’ high draped back wall and 3’ high draped side rails
Inline and corner exhibits must conform to the following standards:
  •   No sidewalls or counters may exceed 42" in height
  •   No partitions other than the back and side dividers provided by the Exhibit Service Contractor will be allowed unless specifically approved in advance by ISHLT
  •   Backgrounds are limited to 8' in height
  •   Side walls and obstructions more than 40" tall may extend no more than 3' from the back line of the booth.
  •   Signage must be part of the exhibit booth structure no higher than 8’.
  •   Signs may not be suspended from or attached to the exhibit hall.
  •   Refer to IAEE Rules and Regulations for more information.

All inline and corner booths larger than 10’ x 10’, and all booths opting not to use the provided back and side dividers must submit a floor plan and design specifications for approval to ISHLT and Freeman. The floor plans must include an overview layout, front view layout, and the height of all components. The floor plans and design specifications must be sent for approval by 25 February 2023 to Lisa Collins at lisa.collins@ishlt.org.

Island Booth Construction/Dimensions
  •   Exhibition floor space only
  •   16’ maximum height
  •   Signs may not be suspended from or attached to the exhibit hall
  •   Refer to IAEE Rules and Regulations for more information
Island exhibits must be constructed so that there is at least 50% visibility of the exhibition hall from the aisle on any one side of the booth.

All island booths must submit a floor plan and design specifications for approval to ISHLT and Freeman. The floor plans must include a birds-eye overview, a view showing the booth’s orientation in the exhibit hall, an elevation view of each side from the aisle perspective, and the length, width, and height of all components. The floor plans and design specifications must be sent for approval by 25 February 2023 to Lisa Collins at lisa.collins@ishlt.org.
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All exhibits must be fully installed by 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, 19 April. Under no circumstances will the delivery or installation of any portion of an exhibit be permitted after this time or during the exhibition without written permission from ISHLT.
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All exhibits must remain intact and staffed until 3:30 p.m., Friday, 21 April and may not be dismantled or removed until that time. Exhibitors must clear the exhibit hall no later than 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, 22 April.
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Booth space not occupied by the exhibitor by 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, 19 April is forfeited without refund to the exhibitor and space may be resold or used by ISHLT.
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Exhibitor agrees not to assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of the space without the knowledge and written consent of the ISHLT.
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All exhibits/exhibitors must conform to the following standards:
  •   Canvassing or distributing advertising materials outside the exhibitor’s own booth is not permitted.
  •   Solicitation of business, except by exhibiting firms, is prohibited.
  •   The Exhibitor is permitted to demonstrate equipment and to make informational presentations regarding products or services in his/her booth only. All demonstrations and exhibits must be confined to the exhibit booths responsible for such demonstrations or exhibits, including distribution of literature and promotional materials. Exhibitor shall care for and keep in good order its occupied space. Cleaning and dusting of booth, display equipment and material will be the Exhibitor’s responsibility.
  •   Contests, lotteries, raffles, and games of chance are strictly prohibited as such activities reflect unfavorably on the character of the meeting. Exhibitors may not register attendees for contests, lotteries, raffles, and games of chance that might be conducted during or after the meeting.
  •   Exhibitors shall not conduct or permit any sale of goods or services of any kind in the exhibit or Annual Meeting areas. Order taking is permitted.
  •   Exhibitor representatives shall always conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner and in conformance with the Exhibitor Application and Contract, including these Rules and Regulations.
  •   Exhibitor may not enter another exhibitor’s booth without obtaining permission. Lingering in the aisles surrounding another exhibitor’s booth for the purpose of obtaining product information or distracting other booth personnel is strictly prohibited.
  •   Exhibitor may not photograph or videotape the booth, products, staff, or visitors of any other exhibitor without the express permission of the other exhibitor.
  •   ISHLT reserves the right to curtail or close exhibits, wholly or in part, that reflect unfavorably on the character and purpose of the meeting. This applies to displays, literature, advertising, give-away, noise, conduct of persons, etc.
  •   The exhibit hall will be inspected during installation hours. Every effort will be made to advise exhibitors of any deviation from exhibit rules at that time.
  •   Exhibitors must make all corrections requested by ISHLT at their own expense or risk removal from the exhibition without notice and without obligation on the part of ISHLT for any refund. ISHLT reserves the right to expel or refuse admittance to any representative whose conduct is, in its opinion, not in keeping with the character and/or spirit of the Meeting.
  •   ISHLT does not in any manner endorse any of the products or services related to the exhibits that have been accepted for display during the Meeting.

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Should you wish to serve food and beverage or distribute items at your booth, an approval form must be received no later than 21 March. Any Exhibitor found serving food and beverage or distributing unapproved items will be required to cease. Exhibition Catering/Handout/Giveaway Approval Forms can be submitted here.   Back to Top

During exhibit hall hours, your booth must be staffed at all times. Exhibit personnel will be permitted on the exhibit floor one hour prior to opening and may remain in the hall one half-hour after closing. ISHLT will have sole control over all admissions of persons to the Annual Meeting and the Exhibit area.
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Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Exhibit Hall at any time. Children are admitted in the hall during show days only when accompanied by a registered attendee or exhibitor. The accompanying person must always remain with the child during their visit, assumes responsibility and all liability for damage to exhibits and equipment. Children are not permitted in the exhibit hall during installation and dismantling of exhibits. To maintain a safe environment, strollers are prohibited.
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Except for a Society scheduled event, no alcoholic beverages are permitted in booths or elsewhere in the Exhibit Area. ISHLT reserves the right to require modification of any questionable exhibit or activity and to refuse distribution of souvenirs, advertising matter or anything else which it may consider objectionable. Contests, games of chance, lotteries, and raffles are strictly prohibited.
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ISHLT reserves the right to restrict, reject, prohibit, or eject any exhibit or Exhibitor which, because of noise, safety hazards, or for other prudent reasons, becomes objectionable, or for breach of any of these rules and regulations. Such termination may become effective during the meeting, at which time the Exhibitor agrees to close his/her exhibit upon receipt of a notice of termination, and thereafter remove his/her exhibit from the exhibition hall as soon as possible without disruption of the meeting. Expulsion of an Exhibitor shall not give rise to a claim for a refund of the fees paid by such Exhibitor.
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No smoking is permitted within the exhibit hall or Colorado Convention Center at any time, including installation, exhibit hours, and dismantling.
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Exhibitors may not use audible electronic, mechanical apparatus, or open audio systems that may be heard outside the exhibitor’s assigned space or may interfere or prove objectionable to attendees or other exhibitors. ISHLT reserves the right to require exhibitors to discontinue any activity that causes the annoyance or interference of others.
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It is the Exhibitor’s sole responsibility to obtain, at its own expense, any and all licenses and permits and to comply with all federal and local laws, City of Denver and State of Colorado ordinances and convention center rules and regulations for any activities conducted in association with or a part of the Exhibition.

Each exhibitor, by signing the Exhibit Application and Contract, agrees to protect, save and keep the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, Freeman, the Colorado Convention Center, and their respective employees, representatives, agents, successors and assigns, forever harmless from any and all damages to their property and for any and all injuries to any person resulting from its exhibiting at this meeting and for charges imposed for violation of any law or ordinance by the exhibitor, his employees or agents as well as to strictly comply with the application terms and conditions as contained in the agreements between ISHLT, Freeman, and the Colorado Convention Center regarding the exhibition premises; and further, the exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and keep harmless ISHLT, Freeman, and the Colorado Convention Center against and from any and all loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense that arises out of or from, or by any reason of any act or omission of the exhibitor, his employees or agents. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage done to the buildings by it or its employees. No nails, tacks, or screws should be driven into the floor, walls or woodwork of the building.
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Exhibitor agrees to conform to all fire, safety, and other rules and regulations as provided and interpreted by the official Exhibit Services Contractor, Freeman, and the Colorado Convention Center representatives. All exhibit decorations must be fire retardant. No open flames or tanks of gas may be used, nor may canopies be erected over exhibits. Exhibitor agrees to take necessary measures to safeguard visitors from any hazards associated with its exhibit.
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Exhibitors have the option of utilizing the official Exhibit Services Contractor, Freeman, who provides quality union labor, qualified display houses or personnel from their own companies to install and dismantle displays. Full-time employees of exhibiting companies may set their own exhibits. Any full-time company personnel involved should have visible identification of their company status when engaged in these activities.
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Freeman work rules prohibit the SOLICITATION OR ACCEPTANCE of tips in cash, products or gifts in kind by any employee (union or non-union). Freeman employees are paid appropriate wages denoting professional status, therefore tipping of any kind is not allowed.
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Exhibitors agree to ship and store their materials at their own risk and expense. Shipping, storage, and delivery arrangements may be made with the official Exhibit Services Contractor, Freeman. Complete shipping information will be available in the Exhibitor Services Manual.
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All work involved in the loading and unloading of all trucks, trailers, and common and contract carriers from the facility docks, including empty crates, and the operation of material handling equipment, is under the jurisdiction of Freeman. All exhibitors are expected to comply with any union requirements in effect and as outlined in the “Show Site Work Rules” section of the Exhibitor Services Kit.
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Storage of crates and boxes can be arranged with Freeman, as outlined in the Exhibitor Services Online Manual. All cartons, crates, containers, packing materials, etc., that are necessary for re-packing, must be labeled with “empty” stickers, and they will be removed from the floor by Freeman. Crates and boxes cannot be stored behind booth displays. Proper identification tags will be available at the Freeman Service Desk.
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Exhibitors who plan to use a service contractor other than those appointed by show management must notify ISHLT in writing on or before 21 March, 2023 by submitting an Exhibit Appointed Contractor form, which will be supplied in the Exhibitor Services Manual from Freeman. Independent contractors must abide by the following:
  •   Perform all services in a timely and professional manner, in accordance with ISHLT established deadlines
  •   Not engage in solicitation of business on the exhibit floor for present and/or future conventions.
  •   Provide a Certificate of Insurance to ISHLT no later than 21 March, 2023.
    •   A certificate of insurance evidencing that the EAC has in place workers’ compensation insurance in the minimum amount required by state law; evidence of commercial general liability insurance, in a minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) covering all operations; and automobile liability insurance in a minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) covering all owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles. The policies for commercial general liability and automobile liability will name the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, Colorado Convention Center, and Freeman as additional insureds for the Events covered by this Agreement.
  •   To provide labor for the installation and dismantling of an exhibit on behalf of an exhibitor, the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (Stand Builder) must hold a current membership with IATSE or be a signatory with the local 7 union in Denver. If the membership with IATSE is not current or there is no signatory with the local 7, the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor must hire labor that holds a current signatory with IATSE local 7.
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Exhibit personnel will be able to register when meeting registration opens in January 2023.
  •   All individuals affiliated with an exhibit booth must be registered as exhibit personnel and employed by the Exhibitor.
  •   ISHLT registration badges must be worn during meeting/show hours.
  •   Each exhibitor will be required to collect their own badge.
  •   Complimentary exhibitor badges will be allotted per booth size as follows:
    •   10’ x 10’: Five (5) complimentary exhibit hall only badges per 100 sq. ft.
    •   10’ x 20’: Ten (10) complimentary exhibit hall only badges per 200 sq. ft.
    •   20’ x 20’ Twenty (20) complimentary exhibit hall only badges per 400 sq. ft.
    •   20’ x 30’: Thirty (30) complimentary exhibit hall only badges per 600 sq. ft.
      (Personnel must be employed by the exhibiting company; allows access to the exhibit hall, poster hall, and General Sessions only.)
  • Additional Exhibit Booth Staff badges with access to the exhibit area and poster hall can be purchased for $75 USD each.
  • Exhibiting company employees/consultants who wish to attend the plenary and scientific sessions must register for the meeting by purchasing an Exhibitor All Access Badge, which is a 10% discount off the standard Industry Registration Fee.
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ISHLT has not obtained a music license authorizing the performance of either live or recorded music on the meeting’s premises. As a condition of ISHLT’s acceptance of the exhibitor’s application, exhibitor hereby warrants and presents that not copyrighted music will be performed, either live or recorded, at the direction of the exhibitor floor or in company leased rooms during the meeting dates unless the exhibitor has obtained written permission from the copyright owner for such use. All copyright fees applicable to music or entertainment used as part of an exhibit are the full responsibility of the exhibitor. The exhibitor must make payment of the fees directly to the applicable copyright agency. Should the exhibitor violate the provision, the exhibitor agrees to indemnify, save, hold harmless, defend and bear all expenses as they are incurred by ISHLT and its respective directors, officers, agents, employees, and each of them, from and against any and all claims, costs, and expenses (including legal fees and expenses), demands, actions, and liabilities of every kind and character whatsoever with respect to the unauthorized use of copyrighted music.
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The names, logos, and acronyms of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation are proprietary marks. Use of the names in any fashion, by any entity, for any purpose, is expressly prohibited without the written permission of ISHLT.
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Information presented during ISHLT2023 is the property of ISHLT and the presenter. Information may not be recorded, photographed, copied, photocopied, transferred to electronic format, reproduced, or distributed without the written permission of ISHLT and the presenter. Any use of the program content that includes, but is not limited to, oral presentations, audiovisual materials used by speakers, and program handouts without the written consent of ISHLT is prohibited.
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Exhibitor shall comply with all safety requirements, guidelines, and directives by ISHLT or the Colorado Convention Center to reduce the spread of COVID-19. ISHLT will provide such rules and guidelines as soon as practical and reserves the right to amend such rules at any time before or during the Meeting. PLEASE NOTE: All Exhibitor employees who will be physically present during show hours, as well as all vendors and contractors of Exhibitor that will be physically present during show hours and that will have regular face-to-face interaction with attendees, must have completed the completed course of an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccination prior to the start of the Meeting. ISHLT also strongly encourages Exhibitors to use vaccinated personnel to the maximum extent practical for all other purposes where such personnel will be physically present at the venue at any time before, during or after the Meeting. ISHLT reserves the right to require additional safety protocols for any individual present at the venue at any time before, during or after the Meeting that is not vaccinated.
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Exhibitors agree to adhere to health and safety guidelines provided in the Exhibitor Services Manual as well as all subsequent correspondence regarding safety and cleanliness protocol communicated by ISHLT, Freeman or the Colorado Convention Center.
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In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, ISHLT will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please contact the Exhibit Manager to make arrangements. Each exhibitor is responsible for compliance within their assigned space ensuring access to their booth.
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As a courtesy to exhibitors, watchman service for the exhibit area will be furnished during the hours as deemed necessary by ISHLT, but the safekeeping of the exhibitor’s property shall remain the responsibility of the exhibitor. The furnishing of such service is in no case to be understood or interpreted by exhibitors as a guarantee to them against loss or theft of any kind.
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Violation of any of these rules, regulations, and guidelines on the part of the exhibitor, his employees or agents, shall cancel the right to occupy space and will forfeit to ISHLT all money that may have been paid. Upon evidence of violation, management may re-enter and take possession of the space occupied by the exhibitor and may remove all persons and goods at the expense of the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall pay all expenses and damages that ISHLT may incur thereby. In the event of a violation, ISHLT reserves the right to refuse exhibit privileges for the following year. Exhibiting companies participating in ISHLT2023 are responsible for communicating the rules, regulations, and guidelines of ISHLT to their agents, employees, contractors, and anyone connected with or authorized by the exhibiting company.
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