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In the Spotlight

Why the “I” in the ISHLT Matters – The Case for International Collaboration in Thoracic Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support
Are Martin Holm, MD, PhD

The strategic framework of the ISHLT states that “being international is core to who we are, and that within our field of interest, the ISHLT shall strive to improve clinical outcomes and lead the development of standards of care internationally”.

This ambitious statement is enhanced by the letter I in the ISHLT. On a normal working day, however, the international perspective may seem a bit lofty to many of us. What usually occupies our attention is our current patient caseload and our daily discussions with our team and with local colleagues. Occasionally, we may need to consider personal matters, such as our career, but we know that those who make decisions about it and whom we need to impress with our CVs will nearly always speak the same language that we do, be part of the same system, in short, be from our country. So while International sounds nice, we might be tempted to let it sink low on our list of priorities. We shouldn’t.

Caring for patients with end-stage heart or lung disease using thoracic transplantation and mechanical circulatory support is a highly specialized activity, and although resource intensive, the absolute number of patients at most centers is relatively low. For lung transplantation, for instance, 72% of the centers reporting to the ISHLT registry perform less than 30 procedures a year, and 44% of all lung transplants are done at such centers (Chambers et al 2017).   Read More  →

Taking the Pulse

David Weill, MD
Pulse Newsletter Editor

Welcome to our revamped ISHLT newsletter The Pulse!

I am proud to be your newsletter Editor and, as I mentioned earlier this summer, we have quite a few things to tell you about. Our newsletter does not just have a new name but also a new approach.

First, we have assembled a talented group of Associate Editors and Editorial Board members who will be procuring and reviewing a wide range of content that will reflect the Society’s varied interests. Much like a traditional medical journal, our Editorial Team will be collecting articles and other content material on a continual basis in each area of the ISHLT so that readers will find something of interest to them in each issue. Instead of focusing on one specific area each month like infectious disease or mechanical circulatory support, we will work closely with all the Scientific Councils each month to bring you the latest news from each discipline.

Second, we will have new sections that will be focused on practical clinical matters, whether it’s controversial debates about patient care issues or examining donor cases, each month the newsletter will have clinically relevant information that will be shared in an easy to access manner. I will be writing an article each month called Taking the Pulse (get it?) where I’ll discuss a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics that I hope will interest you.   Read More  →

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