2022 Board of Directors Call for Nominations


Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD, MPH, Chair of the ISHLT Governance Committee, invites the nomination of qualified ISHLT members to serve as Directors on the ISHLT Board of Directors. Members are asked to self-nominate or encourage a colleague to assemble a nomination application. There are four open positions for Director on the ISHLT Board of Directors to commence at the end of the 2023 Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions. The completed Nomination Application, including two letters of recommendation, must be submitted online by 5:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, 5 July, 2022.

Members elected to the ISHLT Board of Directors provide an invaluable service to the organization and its future. The Governance Committee appreciates your participation in the nomination process and in identifying individuals who will continue to strengthen the ISHLT.

Time Commitment/Expectations

ISHLT has become a large and complex organization. Board members are responsible for governance, policy setting, and decision-making from the perspective of the Society as a whole rather than from the perspective of their particular professional specialty, geography, or other demographic attribute.

The Board focuses on mission, strategic direction, organizational priorities, programs, and financial oversight. The Board of Directors undertakes ISHLT business via three face-to-face board meetings a year (2 days each) as well as regular, interim video calls. Between Board meetings/calls, the Executive Committee (the 5 officers) meets monthly to undertake business that does not require a Board vote. The job description for Board Directors may be found here.

Board members may be assigned to serve as Board liaisons to one of ISHLT’s Committees. The Board liaison is expected to participate on all Committee conference calls, serve as a conduit of information between the Board and the Committee, and provide oversight for and guidance to the Committee. Board members may also be assigned to serve on various Task Forces. A response time of 2-5 days regarding email correspondence and email votes is required. Given the demands of Board service, nominees are asked to provide a description of how they will allocate the necessary time for Board service in light of their work demands.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees should have had significant involvement in and service to ISHLT or another comparable organization and/or possess skills of value to the governance of a non-profit organization. Additionally, nominees should have demonstrated ability to think strategically, work effectively within a collective decision-making body, and have an understanding of and experience with organizational governance.

The Governance Committee will give priority to evidence of the following criteria when evaluating nominations:
  1. Leadership experience and abilities
  2. Ability to work collaboratively among peers with different needs and interests
  3. A commitment to help ISHLT make progress towards its strategic goals and objectives
  4. Experience in one or more of the following areas: finance, advocacy, fundraising, leadership development, and/or organizational governance
  5. Prior service in a leadership position for ISHLT or another comparable organization
  6. A commitment and ability to set aside time to devote to active engagement in ISHLT leadership and oversight responsibilities
  7. A willingness to engage in self-evaluation as well as in the evaluation of and feedback to other volunteer leaders
Individuals who will serve as an Officer on the Board of a related medical professional society during the period April 2023-April 2026 are not eligible for simultaneous service on the ISHLT Board. Nominations of individuals who serve as a Director on the Board of a related medical professional society during the period April 2023-April 2026 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

ISHLT Officers and Directors may not simultaneously serve as Project Leads/Chairs for any ISHLT program/service/activity. Officers and Directors may serve as ISHLT Committee Chairs.

Nomination Process

A completed Nomination Application and two letters of reference specifically addressing thenominee’s abilities as outlined above are required.
  • One of the letters must be from an ISHLT member in good standing
  • One of the letters must be from one of the candidate’s administrative superiors, must address attributes 1, 2, and 6 listed above, must include specific examples that demonstrate those attributes, and must indicate the institution’s support of the candidate’s commitment to ISHLT leadership.
Letters commending the nominee’s professional stature, research, and/or clinical accomplishments, etc., are less helpful. The letters of reference will be given close attention by the Governance Committee.

NOTE: If you submitted a nomination application last year, your letters of reference from that application will be added by ISHLT to your nomination application for this year. Additional or updated letters of reference are welcome but not required.

Applications and all attachments must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, 5 July, 2022. Upon completion, your application will be automatically sent to ISHLT. If you have questions, email communications@ishlt.org.

Late Nomination Applications or Applications that do not contain ALL of the required documents submitted at the same time will not be accepted.