Committee Composition

  • The Registries and Databases Committee shall be chaired by the Medical Director of the Thoracic Transplant Registry.
  • The Chair of each ISHLT Registry or Database Steering Committee, the biostatistician for each ISHLT Registry or Database, and up to three additional members appointed by the Committee Chair to serve three year terms shall constitute the membership of the committee.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Develop and revise, as needed, criteria, policies, and standards to which all ISHLT registries and databases must conform, to include the following: data field development, patient data privacy, data definitions, data collection protocols, data use protocols, data distribution protocols, data analysis, institutional enrollment, data protection, data validity and integrity.
  • Ensure, to the greatest extent possible, uniformity across ISHLT registries and databases in terms of data fields, data definitions, patient identifiers, etc.
  • Review and evaluate proposals for new registries and databases generated by the Scientific Councils, determine priorities, work with the Committee Chair to complete formal proposals, inclusive of budget, to be presented to the Board, and make recommendations to the Board regarding approval of such proposals.
  • Ensure that input from all the Society constituencies is obtained during the development of any new Registry.
  • Establish an ad hoc Implementation Task Force to oversee the implementation process for each newly established Registry.
  • Assist Society members with Registry Award and Registry Data Request submissions.
  • Provide mentorship to, and facilitate identification of appropriate mentors for, investigators interested in applying for the ISHLT Transplant Registry Early Career Award.