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What is IMACS® (ISHLT Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support) Registry?

The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support (IMACS®) is an international registry intended to enroll and follow patients who receive durable mechanically assisted circulatory support devices (MCSD) in all countries and hospitals that wish to participate.

Who sponsors IMACS®?

The IMACS® Registry is owned by the ISHLT.

Who has governance over IMACS®?

The actual governance of IMACS® is by the IMACS® Board which is appointed by the ISHLT Leadership. The ownership of the data remains with the submitting hospital or collective.

What are the purposes and goals of IMACS®?
  • To capture worldwide data relating to the implantation and outcome of patients receiving cardiac assist devices designed for and capable of use for 30 or more days
  • To identify risk factors for complications
  • To improve patient selection and management before and after device implantation
  • To generate predictive models of outcome for given patient profiles
  • To generate statistical analyses of the data that can be used as the underlying evidence/ justification for government agency funded studies and clinical trials
  • To identify overall and best practices with the aim of improving current practices
Who is eligible to participate in IMACS®?

Any medical hospital outside the United States that has an active mechanical circulatory support device program is eligible to participate in IMACS®.

What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria for IMACS®?

Inclusion Criteria

Patients who receive a MCSD after the hospital is activated (i.e., has received local regulatory approval and has gained access to the IMACS® database).

Exclusion Criteria

Patients who receive a non-durable mechanically circulatory support device (MCSD).There is no exclusion for age, gender, race, ethnicity, or any other demographic limit.

What is the cost to participate in IMACS®?

Participation in IMACS® is FREE. The registry is completely funded by ISHLT.

What are the benefits of participating in IMACS®?

Benefits to Centers
  • Statistical summaries of hospital experience
  • Benchmarks for comparison against the international experience
  • Description of performance standards for units and practitioners
  • Determine resources (personnel, skills, training) needed to meet performance standards
  • Participate in device research
  • Generate volume and trend data to facilitate short and long term financial planning
Benefits to ISHLT
  • Own and direct an international high quality MCSD registry
  • Complement the ISHLT transplant registry as ISHLT emphasizes its role in MCSD research
  • Provides Statistical Reports and Research Analyses to ISHLT Researchers
Benefits to MCS Community
  • Improved outcomes from new techniques and devices
  • Facilitate accelerated evaluation of new devices
  • Development of international standards for MCS therapy
Is IRB or ethics board required to participate in IMACS®?

Yes, all participating hospitals will obtain regulatory approval before collecting registry data, as applicable per local regulations. Dated proof of regulatory agency approval will be sent to IMACS®. IMACS® will send annual reminders to the participating hospitals at least 30 days prior to expiration of regulatory approval. Lapse in providing regulatory approval to IMACS® will result in immediate suspension of data entry capability.

How do I enroll in IMACS®?

Enrollment requirements are available under the Site Enrollment/Regulatory section.

Will I receive Data Entry Training?

Yes, IMACS® WBDE training is provided. We utilize Cisco Web-Ex Online training services. Please contact Kathryn Hollifield at for more details.

Who do I contact for data entry questions/concerns?

All data entry questions and concerns can be emailed to Kathryn Hollifield, the IMACS® Clinical Affairs Director, at

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