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About IMACS Registry


The specific mission of IMACS is the promotion of scientific investigations and publications based on analyses of this multinational database, providing the opportunity for an international array of authors to collaborate in Registry investigations, presentations, and publications.

  • To capture worldwide data relating to the implantation and outcome of patients receiving cardiac assist devices designed for and capable of use for 30 or more days
  • To identify risk factors for complications
  • To improve patient selection and management before and after device implantation
  • To generate predictive models of outcome for given patient profiles
  • To generate statistical analyses of the data that can be used as the underlying evidence/ justification for government agency funded studies and clinical trials
  • To identify overall and best practices with the aim of improving current practices


Benefits to Centers
  • Statistical summaries of hospital experience
  • Benchmarks for comparison against the international experience
  • Description of performance standards for units and practitioners
  • Determine resources (personnel, skills, training) needed to meet performance standards
  • Participate in device research
  • Generate volume and trend data to facilitate short and long term financial planning
Benefits to ISHLT
  • Own and direct an international high quality MCSD registry
  • Complement the ISHLT transplant registry as ISHLT emphasizes its role in MCSD research
  • Provides Statistical Reports and Research Analyses to ISHLT Researchers
Benefits to MCS Community
  • Improved outcomes from new techniques and devices
  • Facilitate accelerated evaluation of new devices
  • Development of international standards for MCS therapy

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