The ISHLT maintains two databases of transplant-related data.
  1. The International Heart and Lung Transplant Registry has been collecting data since 1983 and tracks morbidity and mortality data post-transplant. At present, over 223 centers from 18 countries submit data to this registry. Participation in this registry is open to any center in the world performing heart and/or lung transplantation.  For more information about the Transplant Registry, as well as copies of the Registry Slides and enrollment forms, please visit the Heart/Lung Transplant Registry link at left.

    ISHLT Data Request Forms - Requests for data and analyses from the Transplant Registry and MCSD Database can be made using the ISHLT Data Request Form. Priority is given to requests which are from ISHLT members and which are directly related to immediate patient care. Routine data requests are handled promptly. Requests for specialized data or complex analyses must be approved by the Registry Committee, so a response may take several months. A fee for the collection and/or analysis of such data may be involved.

    Registry Data Fields - For those institutions and individuals who are interested in submitting data to the ISHLT Registry, and for those researchers who wish to conduct analyses of the Registry data or query the data base, the below Excel File links provide access to the lists of data fields that the Registry currently collects. Please review these fields prior to submitting a Registry Data Request Form.

  2. The ISHLT MCSD Database collected data from institutions around the globe from 2001-2006 and was then discontinued, but is now in the process of being reborn as the ISHLT International Mechanical Assisted Circulatory Support Database (IMACS). For more information, please visit the International MCS Registry link at left.
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