Publications - Monograph Series - Volume 7

ISHLT Monograph Volume 7: Pediatric Lung Transplantation


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Published: April 2013
Editors: Samuel Goldfarb, MD; Christian Benden, MD; Stuart Sweet, MD; James K. Kirklin, MD

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Table of Contents

Christian Benden, Samuel B. Goldfarb and Stuart Sweet

SECTION 1: Referral Evaluation and Listing

CHAPTER 1: General Referral and Listing Criteria
CHAPTER 2: Disease Specific Issues Regarding Lung Transplantation
   Part A: Cystic Fibrosis
   Part B: Pulmonary Hypertension
   Part C: Sufactant Protein Abnormalities/chILD
CHAPTER 3: Timing of Listing and Patient Management on the Waiting List

SECTION II: Peri-transplant Management
CHAPTER 4: Pediatric Aspects of Lung Transplant Surgery - Including Historic Perspective
CHAPTER 5: Pediatric Issues of Donor Selection
CHAPTER 6: Early Post-operative Issues in the Intensive Care Unit
   Part A: Primary Graft Failure
   Part B: Pediatric ECMO Support
CHAPTER 7: Immunosuppression Induction & Maintenance Therapy

SECTION III: Post-transplant Complications and Co-morbidities
CHAPTER 8: Infectious Diseases Issues
CHAPTER 9: Monitoring for and Treatment of Acute Allograft Rejection
CHAPTER 10: Diagnosis and Management of Antibody-Mediated Rejection Following Pediatric Lung Transplantation
CHAPTER 11: Monitoring and Treatment of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome
CHAPTER 12: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
CHAPTER 13: Post-transplant Co-morbidities
   Part A: Chronic Kidney Disease
   Part B: Diabetes
   Part C: Bone Health
CHAPTER 14: PTLD and Cancer

SECTION IV: Outcomes
CHAPTER 15: Survival and Functional Status
CHAPTER 16: Special Populations
   Part A: Living Donor Lung Transplantation
   Part B: Infant Lung Transplantation
   Part C: Multi-organ Transplantation
   Part D: Re-transplantation
CHAPTER 17: Psychosocial Outcomes: Growth and Development
CHAPTER 18: Impact of Developmental Immunology on Outcomes

SECTION V: Psychosocial Aspects
CHAPTER 19: Care Transitions
   Part A: Transition to Local Care and Scheduled Follow-up
   Part B: Transition from Pediatric to Adult Services
CHAPTER 20: End of Life Care
   Part A: Pre-transplant

SECTION VI: The Future

CHAPTER 21: Future of Pediatric Lung Transplantation

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