Publications - Monograph Series - Volume 3, Parts 1 & 2

ISHLT Monograph Volume 3: Advanced Heart Failure, Parts 1 & 2


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Published: February 2009
Editors: James K. Kirklin, MD, Nicholas Banner, FRCP, FESC and Mariell Jessup, MD, FAHA, FACC, FESC

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Preface (PDF)

PART 1 Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Introduction
Chapter 1:  Introduction
By Mariell Jessup
SECTION 2: Pathophysiology of the Failing Heart
Chapter 2:  Cellular and Subcellular Abnormalities
By Risto Kerkel÷ and Thomas Force
Chapter 3:  The Cardiac Interstitium
By Ahmad Munir, Richard C. Davis, and Karl T. Weber
Chapter 4:  Ventricular Remodeling in Advanced Heart Failure
By John Harding and Thomas P. Cappola
Chapter 5:  Neurohormones and Cytokines in Heart Failure
By James O. Mudd and Stuart D. Russell
Chapter 6:  Exercise Intolerance in Heart Failure
By Finn Gustafsson and Heather J. Ross

SECTION 3: Cardiac Evaluation in the Patient with Advanced Heart Failure
Chapter 7:  Clinical Assessment of Hemodynamic Status in Advanced Heart Failure
By Lynne Warner Stevenson
Chapter 8:  The Evolving Role for Hemodynamic Analysis in Heart Failure
By David A. Kass
Chapter 9:  The Role of Cardiac Catheterization in Patients Who have Advanced Heart Failure
By Robert L. Wilensky and Ruchira Glaser
Chapter 10:  Echocardiography
By James N. Kirkpatrick
Chapter 11:  Nuclear and Positron Emission Tomography Imaging
By Danilo Neglia and Alessia Gimelli
Chapter 12:  Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
By R. O'Hanlon and D.J. Pennell
Chapter 13:  Computed Tomography
By Edward D. Nicol, James E. Stirrup, and Michael B. Rubens
Chapter 14:  The Role of ndomyocardial Biopsy in Advanced Heart Failure
By Leslie T. Cooper, Jr.
Chapter 15:  B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Other Natriuretic Factors
By Roy S. Gardner and Theresa A. McDonagh
Chapter 16:  Troponin and Other Biomarkers
By Thomas J. Dengler, Evangelos Giannitsis and Hugo A. Katus
Chapter 17:  Biomarkers and Other Prognostic Schemas in Heart Failure
By Wayne C. Levy
Chapter 18:  Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Advanced Heart Failure
By Santiago Miriuka and Heather J. Ross

SECTION 4: Secondary Organ Dysfunction in Heart Failure
Chapter 19:  The Cardiorenal Syndrome: Pathophysiology and Management
By Michael R. Smith, Jie Li, Jigar Patel, and J. Thomas Heywood
Chapter 20:  The Liver in Heart Failure
By Arie J. Stangou and Nicholas R. Banner
Chapter 21:  Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
By Elaine M. Winkel, Walter G. Kao, Brian D. Juncker, and Maryl R. Johnson
Chapter 22:  Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction and Deconditioning in Heart Failure
By Donna M. Mancini and Chim C. Lang

SECTION 5: Stabilization of the Heart Failure Syndrome: First Steps and Initiating Maintenance
Chapter 23:  Diuretics: Utility and Limitations
By David S. Feldman, Terry S. Elton, and Kerry Pickworth
Chapter 24:  Renin-Antiotensin-Aldosterone Antagonists: When, How Much, and Limiting Factors
By Michael B. Fowler
Chapter 25:  ▀-Blockers in Heart Failure: When to Start and When to Stop
By Simon F. Shakar and JoAnn Lindenfeld
Chapter 26:  Vasodilator Therapy in Advanced Heart Failure
By Jennifer R. Brown, Patricia A. Uber, and Mandeep R. Mehra
Chapter 27:  Intravenous Inotropic Agents
By Haifa Lyster and Nicholas R. Banner
Chapter 28:  Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy in the Patient with Advanced Heart Failure in Sinus Rhythm
By Liviu Klein and John B. O'Connell

PART 2 Table of Contents

SECTION 6: Arrhythmias and Electrical Devices in the Patient with Advanced Heart Failure
Chapter 29:  Atrial Fibrillation
By David G. Jones and Vias Markides
Chapter 30:  Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
By Zachary I. Whinnett, Darrel P. Francis, Jamil Mayet, and Nicholas S. Peters
Chapter 31:  Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Devices
By E. Gronda, D. Pini and A. Municin˛
Chapter 32:  Management of Recurrent Ventricular Arrhythmia
By Matthew Wright, Ian Wright, and D. Wyn Davies
Chapter 33:  Emergency Pacemakers in Advanced Heart Failure
By Ralph J. Verdino

SECTION 7: Clinicopathological Correlations
Chapter 34:  Acute Myocarditis: Diagnosis and Treatment
By G. William Dec
Chapter 35:  Giant Cell Myocarditis
By Margaret M. Burke and Andrew G. Mitchell
Chapter 36:  Amyloid Heart Disease
By S.W. Dubrey and R.H. Falk
Chapter 37:  Pericardial Disorders
By Zuheir Abrahams, Hadi N. Skourie, Wilfried Mullens, Mohammad H. Yamani, and Randall C. Starling

SECTION 8: Shock Complicating the Acute Coronary Syndrome
Chapter 38:  Reperfusion and Failure of Reperfusion
By H.S. Lim and J.N. Townend
Chapter 39:  Myocardial Stunning
By Rainer Zbinden and Michael Marber
Chapter 40:  Mitral Regurgitation and Ventricular Septal Rupture After Myocardial Infarction
By J.R. Pepper
Chapter 41:  Shock Due to Catastrophic Loss of Myocardium
By Stephen S. L. Tsui and Jayan Parameshwar

SECTION 9: Surgical Reparative Therapy
Chapter 42:  Myocardial Revascularization for Heart Failure
By J. Thekkudan, V.B. Dronavalli and R.S. Bonser
Chapter 43:  Mitral Valve Regurgitation
By G.D. Dreyfus
Chapter 44:  Reverse Remodeling Procedures: Surgical Ventricular Restoration and Prosthetic Girdling Devices
By Aaron S. Blom and Michael A. Acker

SECTION 10: Other Therapies
Chapter 45:  Intra-Aortic Balloon and Other Counterpulsation Techniques
By Alistair C. Lindsay, Asghar Khaghani, and Miles C.D. Dalby
Chapter 46:  Transplantation
By Sharon A. Hunt
Chapter 47:  Permanent Ventricular Assist Devices
By Saba N. Khan and Marc A. Silver
Chapter 48:  When Is Myocardial Failure Reversible
By Nicholas R. Banner

SECTION 11: Supportive Care at End of Life
Chapter 49:  Supportive and End-of-Life Care
By Dale G. Renlund, Sally J. Brush, Kismet D. Rasmusson, and Abdallah G. Kfoury

SECTION 12: New Horizons
Chapter 50:  New Horizons in the Treatment of Heart Failure
By Kumudha Ramasubbu and Douglas L. Mann

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