Industry Symposia


An Industry Symposium Session is any hour-long, non-CME session providing information on current therapies and products.

Application and Payment due no later than 15 February, 2023.

Industry Symposium
* Maximum number of attendees will vary depending upon meeting room availability. All rooms will accommodate more than 100 attendees.

  •   Session to take
  •   Theater style room set (chairs only) with standard Audio/Visual equipment
  •   Promotion on the ISHLT2023 mobile app
  •   Signage outside the session room

  •   Industry Symposium Sessions can only be scheduled during the available dates and times, listed below, and cannot conflict with ISHLT programming.
  •   Session times will be assigned by ISHLT.
  •   Industry Symposia will be held concurrently during each session hour.
  •   Every effort will be made to avoid the scheduling of simultaneous Industry Symposia targeted to the same audience, but ISHLT cannot guarantee conflicts.
Available Dates / Times (United States Mountain Time)
Wednesday, 19 April SOLD OUT
Thursday, 20 April SOLD OUT
Friday, 21 April SOLD OUT
(Note: Schedule subject to change based on ISHLT meeting schedule)

  •   Session cannot exceed one hour.
  •   Room set theater style, riser, head table for 4 people, standing podium
  •   Audio/Visual (AV) includes; 1 podium microphone, 1 lavalier microphone, 2 head table microphones, 2 aisle microphones, 1 LCD projector, 1 screen, sound system, 1 laser pointer, dedicated AV technician, and laptop.
  •   Presentations must be submitted to Speaker Ready Room prior to session.
  •   Industry Symposium Session title must lead with “Non-CME Industry Event offered by XCOMPANY NAMEX – XSESSION TITLEX.”
  •   Introduction slide: Company logo may be included. The following prominently placed text must be added: “This is an independent Non-CME event and is not an official part of the ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions.”

The sponsoring company is responsible for securing and associated costs for:
  •   Additional AV needs
  •   Food and beverage — only beverages and box lunches are permitted
  •   Additional cleaning in accordance with health and safety guidelines
  •   All print or digital invitations, brochures

  •   All invitations, broadcast emails and other materials about Corporate Events to which health care professionals are invited must carry the following text placed prominently and printed in a size large enough to be easily read: “This is an independent Non-CME event and is not an official part of the ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions.
  •   All such materials must be approved by ISHLT in advance.