All ISHLT members are eligible to join any of our eleven Scientific Councils. Log-in to our Members Only Website to join the Council(s) of interest to you.


  The Board of Directors may establish or discontinue any Council or Council Workforce by a majority vote.

  Each Council shall be governed by an Operating Board, which shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Past Chair, plus the Leader of each Council Workforce.

  The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past Chair shall each serve a three-year term, rotating from Vice-Chair to Chair to Past Chair each year.

  The Vice-Chair shall also serve as Secretary.

  Each year at the Annual Meeting in April, the members of each Council shall elect one person to fill the position of Vice-Chair of each Council.

  The Leaders of the Council Workforces shall be appointed by the Chair, Vice-Chair and Past Chair for three year terms.

  The Council Chairs shall be responsible for oversight and direction of their respective Council Operating Boards and Workforces.

  The Council Chairs shall submit regular written or verbal reports to the Board of Directors outlining the progress of their respective Councils and Workforces, and shall be authorized to call and preside at meetings of their respective Operating Boards. The Council Chairs shall not be members of the Board of Directors.

  Each Council Operating Board will be responsible to the Board of Directors.

  Each Council shall include the Workforces/Liaisons the Chairs deem necessary. Each Workforce/Liaison is responsible for addressing Society activities within one or more specified areas of endeavor. The various Workforces/Liaisons which may be created within each Council are as follows:

      Education Workforce

      Professional Standards and Guidelines Workforce

      Communications Workforce

      Registries and Databases Workforce

      Development Liaison

Not every Council is required to have each of the above Workforces but instead should include only those Workforces that best suit its purposes. Councils may, upon approval of the Board, create additional Workforces specific to the needs to their particular Council. Each Workforce is required to have at least one Leader appointed by the Council Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past Chair for a three year term. Workforces may have additional members as deemed necessary by the Council Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, and Workforce Leader. Whenever possible, broad geographic representation is to be achieved within each Workforce. The Workforces shall serve as a resource for their respective ISHLT Committees. The Leader of each Workforce shall serve on the Operating Board of the Council.
In order to enhance the Board of Directors' ability to manage the affairs of the Society, the activities of the Society conducted outside the auspices of the Committees shall be divided among the Scientific Councils established by the Board. Each Scientific Council shall be governed by an Operating Board and a Chair, who shall be responsible for the day-to-day application of policies established by the Board of Directors, and who shall submit periodic written and oral reports to the Board of Directors.

The standing Scientific Councils of the Society shall be:

  1. Basic Science and Translational Research
    Council Chair: Kimberly L. Gandy, MD
  2. Heart Failure and Transplantation
    Council Chair: Monica Colvin-Adams, MD
  3. Infectious Diseases
    Council Chair: Fernanda Silveira, MD
  4. Junior Faculty and Trainees
    Council Chair: Manreet Kanwar, MD
  5. Mechanical Circulatory Support
    Council Chair: Ulrich Jorde, MD
  6. Nursing, Health Science, and Allied Health
    Council Chair: Samantha J. Anthony, PhD, MSW
  7. Pathology
    Council Chair: Carmela D. Tan, MD
  8. Pediatric Transplantation
    Council Chair: Janet N. Scheel, MD
  9. Pharmacy and Pharmacology
    Council Chair: Tamara E. Claridge, PharmD
  10. Pulmonary Hypertension
    Council Chair: Mardi Gomberg-Maitland, MD, MSc
  11. Pulmonary Transplantation
    Council Chair: Michael Mulligan, MD
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