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ISHLT has developed policies and application forms for the following educational activities. Copies of these are available on the Education Pages of the website.
  • Core Competency Curriculum Documents
  • Academy Core Competency Courses
  • Academy Master Classes
  • Joint Symposia at Other Organizations' Meetings
  • Joint Symposia at the ISHLT Annual Meeting
  • Endorsement of Other Organizations' Educational Activities
  • In-Kind Educational Grants to Other Organizations' Educational Activities


The Medical Director of Educational Affairs shall serve as Chair of the Education Committee and shall be selected by the Board of Directors following an application and interview process. The term is for 5 years, renewable for one additional year at a time for a maximum term of 10 years.
  • The Medical Director shall appoint eight Committee members to serve staggered three-year terms, renewable once, once of whom will serve as Vice-Chair.
  • The Board of Directors will appoint a liaison to the Committee
  • Committee members must:
    • Be an active member of ISHLT
    • Not also serve at the same time as either an officer of an ISHLT Scientific Council, a member of a Council Education Workforce,  or a current ISHLT Board member
    • Be able to commit to a three-year term on the Education Committee
    • Be able to attend the annual meeting of the Education Committee and participate in monthly conference calls
    • Be willing to take on occasional specific tasks assigned by the Committee Chair
  • Education Committee members ideally should have achieved one or more of the following:
    • Served with distinction on the program planning committee of an ISHLT educational activity
    • Chaired with distinction an educational activity conducted by ISHLT or another professional medical society or medical institution
    • Have an established and declared interest in professional postgraduate training and education
  • Education Committee members may serve on program planning committees but only for the purpose of providing content expertise, not for the purpose of providing direction regarding policy and procedures


ISHLT Education Committee
  • Facilitate the implementation of the overall ISHLT educational strategy established by the Board of Directors
    • Work with staff and CME consultants to ensure that the educational activities of the Society meet ACCME requirements as well as those of other medical or professional educational program accrediting bodies as directed by the Board of Directors
    • Develop standard criteria to which all ISHLT educational programs must adhere, including course design, program planning committee composition, speaker/chair/moderator expectations, content development, and program evaluation
    • Work with educational consultants as needed to develop principles for program design and learning environment for ISHLT’s educational programs, as needed
    • Work with staff to develop proposed policies governing the different types of educational programs and learning activities
    • Work with staff to provide recommendations to the Board regarding annual educational program planning
  • Review all educational program proposals to ensure they meet the established standard criteria
  • Annually evaluate the quality of ISHLT's educational programs and provide recommendations to the Board regarding improvements and/or changes.
ISHLT Board of Directors
  • Determine the overall educational strategy for the Society
  • Review and approve policies governing educational programs and activities developed by the education committee
  • Evaluate and approve the annual plan of educational program offerings and ensure the availability of sufficient resources to deliver them
  • Determine and communicate deliverables and metrics for success for the planned educational program offerings and evaluate them for such.
  • Approve the educational program chairs
  • Provide oversight, evaluation, and feedback regarding the effectiveness of the educational program chairs and program planning committee members.
ISHLT Scientific Councils
  • Identify the ongoing practice gaps and educational needs of the Society's members.
  • Develop well-structured proposals for educational programs that are aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the Society and address the identified practice gaps and educational needs of the Society’s members.
  • Identify suitable Chairs for Council-developed educational programs and recommend them to the Board for approval.
  • Approve the Program Planning Committee members for Council-developed educational programs.
  • Approve the educational content developed for Council-developed educational programs.
ISHLT Program Planning Committees
  • Create learning objectives for Board-approved educational programs that address the identified practice gaps and educational needs of the Society’s members
  • Develop educational program content for Board-approved educational programs that meets the identified educational needs, practice gaps, learning objectives, and any other established criteria
  • Adhere to the educational policies and procedures established by the Board
  • Work with staff to implement the approved educational programs
  • Work with the Education Committee and Board to develop educational policies
  • Develop procedures for educational program development and implementation
  • Communicate educational policies and procedures to program chairs and program planning committee members
  • Implement educational policies and procedures, monitor adherence to them, and report non-adherence to the Council Chairs and Board for resolution.
  • Work with the Education Committee to provide recommendations to the Board regarding annual educational program planning
  • Work with the Councils and Program Chairs to implement the Board-approved annual educational program plan
  • Provide administrative staff support for the work of the Education Committee
  • Evaluate requests from other organizations for ISHLT to co-sponsor, endorse, or otherwise engage jointly in educational programs, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for action.


Christopher H. Wigfield, MD FRCS(C/Th) (2018)
Advocate Christ Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Mardi Gomberg-Maitland, MD, MSc (2018)
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Falls Church, VA, USA


Jennifer Cowger, MD, MS (2018)
St. Vincent's Heart Center of Indiana
Indianapolis, IN, USA


Amanda Rowe
ISHLT Headquarters
Addison, TX, USA


David Baran, MD (2019)
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Newark, NJ, USA

Goran Dellgren, MD, PhD (2018)
Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Goteborg, SWEDEN

Howard J. Eisen, MD (2018)
Drexel University College of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Lorriana Leard, MD (2020)
UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco, CA, USA

Donna M. Mancini, MD (2018)
Mount Sinai Medical Center
New York, NY, USA

Anna Reed, MD (2020)
Royal Brompton & Harefield
London, UK

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