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Year in Review and a Look Ahead from the Pediatric Thoracic Transplant and Heart Failure Council

T.P. Singh, MD
PEDS Council Chair

Janet Scheel, MD
PEDS Council Past Chair

The Pediatric program at the 2014 scientific session remains memorable for a special session on "Controversies in Recipient Selection". It garnered great interest and was followed by spirited discussion with standing room only space for those in attendance. The speakers have been invited to write a content summary which we anticipate will be well received by the council members.

The Pediatric Council has been very active since the 2014 sessions. A monograph on Pediatric Heart Failure has been published and is available through the ISHLT. An electronic version is also available. During the last year, the Pediatric Council sponsored a joint session with ESOT and a joint session with IPTA at their annual meetings. The Education workforce has been hard at work and submitted 10 proposals for pre-meeting seminar sessions to the Program Committee. All of these proposals were refined by the workforce and had joint sponsorship from at least one other council. It is not surprising that all of the pediatric symposia at the 2015 sessions were co-sponsored by additional councils. We expect this trend to continue. The 2015 sessions, including the pediatric sessions, were very well attended with the highest-ever attendance for an ISHLT meeting outside the USA. The content seemed to be dominated by mechanical support and that is not surprising considering the increasing role these devices are playing in clinical practice.

As most of the council members know, Yuk Law has spearheaded the Pediatric Heart Failure workforce since its beginning 3 years ago. The workforce has been busy with a wide range of activities including suggesting symposia for the ISHLT sessions, starting multi-center research studies and surveying council members. It is truly remarkable that the ISHLT board has not only formally incorporated the workforce into the Pediatric Council in such a short time but has also agreed to change the name of our council to Pediatric Thoracic Transplant and Heart Failure Council. This was decided at the ISHLT Board meeting in response to the council membership's proposal.

Looking ahead, the ISHLT has confirmed its commitment to pediatric science by approving funding for an international Pediatric Heart Failure Registry. It will be a prospective, voluntary registry with no fee for participation. Ann Dipchand has been appointed as the first Director. We look forward to hearing more about the registry in the near future. We are hopeful that everybody will participate so that we can all learn from our collective experience.

There is a lot of interest in having an academy devoted to Pediatric Heart Failure and Mechanical Support. All of the next years' academies have already been decided and getting a full day's academy is very competitive (among councils) but we are hopeful we can make this happen in 2017. ■

Disclosure Statement: the authors have no conflicts of interest to report.

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