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ID Council 2015: Full Speed Ahead

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Stephanie Pouch, MD, MS
ID Council Links Newsletter Liaison

The past year was an extremely exciting one for the council, and we continue to have a large and vibrant membership. With hard work, dedication, and unparalleled multidisciplinary collaboration, we continue to tackle large and ambitious projects aimed to improve the lives of cardiothoracic transplant mechanical circulatory support (MCS) patients. Our fungal expert panel has completed its consensus document, which has since been reviewed and is being readied for publication. The MCS infection management strategies working group has also made great strides ahead and invited a multidisciplinary writing committee to author a MCS infections consensus document. One of our largest endeavors, the "What to do in the case of...?" ISHLT reference guide has been hugely successful with society members from across all fields of cardiothoracic transplant having completed their respective chapters. Finally, results of the ID Council-sponsored Mycobacterium abscessus survey administered at ISHLT Centers in 2014 were presented at a well-attended symposium in Nice.

The upcoming year promises to be equally as exciting and productive for the ID Council. With all these other projects in tow, we look toward finalizing plans for an ID Academy in 2017 that will have broad appeal to non-ID physicians, surgeons and nurses. We plan to explore the option of a registry of cardiothoracic transplantation and MCS patients with HIV, including those with HIV/HCV co-infection, with the Registry Committee. This endeavor would provide a means to better evaluate the impact of novel HCV therapies on our unique patient population. We have also been asked by the AST Infectious Disease Community of Practice to collaborate on a joint project evaluating thoracic organ transplantation in HIV-positive individuals. We look forward to this exciting new partnership and can't wait to hit the ground running! See you in Washington next April!

We look forward to another wonderful year and welcome new members of the ID Council! ■

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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