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HFTX Council Year in Review and a Look to the Future

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Monica M. Colvin-Adams, MD
HFTX Council Chair

As we plant our feet solidly into 2015, we look back on 2014 with a sense of accomplishment. We began 2014 by engaging the council membership in setting priorities for the council and developed strategic plans to increase visibility of the council and the society through collaboration, to broaden educational contributions, and to increase participation in the HFTX Council.

We have ongoing collaborations with HFSA and ACC and are actively pursuing other partnerships. The addition of Daniel Kim to the team as the I2C2 Workforce Leader should be impactful in this regard. One of the most exciting accomplishments this past year has been Journal Watch, an online journal club that was initiated in December 2014. This year we added 2 themed issues: in March, we featured classic articles in transplantation and in August, we will feature ischemic mitral regurgitation. If you have not had a chance to visit the site, I would encourage you to read the excellent submissions to date.

Program planning is always an extremely busy time for the council. This year, it was facilitated by an energetic working group who worked tirelessly and attended conference calls weekly to develop the highest quality proposals for submission. With the work of the group and multiple collaborations, the council will submit > 20 proposals that cover the entire spectrum of advanced heart failure, from a basic immunology symposium to symposia on managing heart failure associated with neuromuscular disorders and palliative care.

What is next on the agenda for the HF/TX Council?

  1. The council is pleased to announce that the Heart Failure and Transplant Core Competency Academy is scheduled for 2016. The Academy will be led by a stellar team: Teresa DeMarco will chair the Academy and will be supported by Frances Johnson and Andrew Kao as co-chairs. We anticipate this will be a fantastic learning experience.
  2. Donor Dilemmas! A Donor Management and Selection Blog is planned. We anticipate that this will be a lively forum to share expertise on difficult donor/recipient issues with which we are all faced.
  3. Joint white paper with HFSA and the MCS Council on Emergency Management of VADs

Finally, we are seeking a new Education Workforce Leader to head the educational initiatives for the Council as a member of the Education Committee. If you are interested in this position, please forward a short bio to us for consideration.

This year has been one of energetic planning for the council and could not have been possible without the stellar operating board:

Michael Pham, Vice-Chair
Jose Tallaj, Past Chair, Education Committee Workforce Leader
Maryl Johnson, Liaison to the Board of Directors
David Baran, Standards and Guidelines Committee Workforce Leader
Daniel Kim, I2C2 Workforce Leader

Many thanks to the membership and a great team as we forge ahead! ■

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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