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BSTR Council Year in Review Summary

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Ed Cantu, III, MD
BSTR Council Vice Chair

The Basic Science and Translational Research Council under the outstanding leadership of Past Chair, Kimberly Gandy, MD and former Vice-Chair Sonja Schrepfer had a productive year which culminated in Nice at the annual meeting. The meeting proved to be extremely productive and exhilarating for the members of the Basic Science and Translational Research Council. Many members attended and actively participated in a host of pre-meeting symposia, concurrent sessions and concurrent symposia.

We held two pre-meeting symposia for on Wednesday, April 15, entitled "B Cells in Transplantation" and "The Future of Tolerance: Definitions, Directions and Design." The morning session explored the current state of understanding of a variety of aspects of the role of B cells in the allo-immune response as well as how these cell populations could be modified therapeutically. In the afternoon session, the present understanding of transplant tolerance as well as novel approaches to implement tolerance clinically were reviewed. Both symposia brought together basic, translational, and clinical investigators who are experts in these fields.

The council meeting was focused and productive. The new Vice-chair Edward Cantu, MD was introduced and previous business was concluded. Leveraging the interests and recommendations of the leadership and the members several key initiatives were proposed and will be implemented over the following year, these include:

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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