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In this issue, all roads lead to France. If we are not up to the task of improving ourselves, at least we can surround ourselves with greatness to bring us up to the next level. It was Oprah Winfrey who said, "surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher," and her inspiration for most of her adult life comes from none other than her mentor, mother/sister and friend, the late Dr Maya Angelou, who viewed Oprah as the daughter she never had. Take note how these great women have shaped America and the world over the last 50 years or so.

It may not be so obvious in this issue, but because of the women in transplantation (WIT), we have outstanding Council Reports, Special Interest Reports and in the Spotlight, our very own Transplant Great: Dr Lori West. Martin Schweiger and I have been elevated to the next level, effortlessly on our part, in this June Issue because of the WIT who surround us. Dr Schweiger summarizes his energetic and inspiring interview with Dr West. Doctors Fernanda Silveira, Manreet Kanwar, Samantha Anthony and Janet Scheel along with Tamara Claridge have provided insightful and forward-thinking reports from their respective Councils that will certainly advance the ISHLT to the next level. And of course, because of the ISHLT Traveling Scholarship Award we can marvel over the experience of another future great to be added to the WIT, Alison Gareau, and her Dutch treat at the University Medical Center in Utrecht.

Finally, starting with this issue and the remaining issues for Volume 6, we will focus on the Greatness of France and her towering figures who changed the world from Voltaire and Rousseau to Tocqueville among others, beginning with Voltaire because his pen name starts with the letter "V."

Vincent Valentine, MD
Links Editor-in-Chief

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Transplant Great Lori J. West, MD, DPhil

by Martin Schweiger

There was much to think about as we flew home from the ISHLT meeting in San Diego. We were able to meet new colleagues, reunite with old friends and take home many new ideas. For me, the trip was inspiring. I got the opportunity to meet Lori West and continue our interview series on the legends in the field of heart and lung transplant. Everyone, especially those involved in the field of pediatric cardiac transplantation, knows Lori. She was the scientific program chair of the ISHLT in 2008, became president in 2011/2012, and is currently serving as development committee chair and involved with symposium planning and abstract sessions. We met at the terrace of the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel overlooking the San Diego Bay while enjoying the evening sun. Read more →


ID Council 2014: What To Do in Thoracic Transplantation and MCS

by Fernanda Silveira

links imageThe past year was a fantastic year for the ID Council. We finalized our core competencies document, which has been submitted to the Education Committee and is pending board approval; the infectious diseases variables were approved and are now programmed in IMACS; our representatives provided input in important issues for the incoming heart transplant listing guidelines and lung transplant listing consensus document; the multidisciplinary fungal expert panel finished writing their consensus document, which is now undergoing peer review. The summary of recommendations of the fungal panel was presented at a very well attended symposium at the meeting in San Diego. Read more →

Junior Faculty and Trainee Council - On the Horizon

by Manreet Kanwar

links imageOur Council was developed a few years ago with the vision of finding avenues for junior faculty members to become an integral part of ISHLT. With a promising 2013 behind us, and an active membership of over 400 members, we just submitted 39 symposium ideas to meet this week's deadline for ISHLT 2015 meeting (and yes, the extra incentive of potentially going to Nice, helps!). Being involved as abstract reviewers, poster moderators, organizing JHLT at ISHLT and co-hosting several oral sessions is helping us contribute to the society in a meaningful way. Read more →

Nursing, Health Science & Allied Health Council Report: Making Great Strides Forward

by Samantha Anthony

links imageThe 34th Annual Meeting of the ISHLT was a memorable event for the Nursing, Health Science and Allied Health Council; it was filled with high-quality scientific content, networking opportunities, and thought-provoking discussions. Its success was highlighted by the increased representation of Nursing, Health Science and Allied Health members across multiple events, and by acting host to the inaugural ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Nursing, Health Science and Allied Health. Read more →

Pediatric Transplantation Council Report

by Janet Scheel

links imageI returned from the meeting in San Diego full of excitement and enthusiasm to be Chair of The Pediatric Council for 2014-2015. Was this because I had seen the sun in California after a dismal East Coast winter or because I had inhaled some of the now legal smoke fumes flying over Colorado? I am happy to say, I remain very excited about what the Pediatric Council has accomplished this past year and very excited about the coming year. Read more →

Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council: Jumping in Feet First

by Tamara Claridge

links imageThe last 12 months were very productive for our council with a greater than 50% increase in council membership now totaling 141 members. We tripled the number of pharmacy sponsored education sessions at the annual meeting in San Diego, along with increasing our presence as speakers and chairs; our council voice has been heard. The meeting provided many opportunities for learning moments for our members in a variety of practice areas. There was a great turnout at the council meeting and we were able to continue the fun that evening networking at the Edgewater Grill; I believe we were the last to leave. Read more →


First Joint Symposium ISHLT & ESC HFA

by Marisa Crespo-Leiro and Andreas Zuckermann

We are delighted to update you on the successful launch of the first joint symposium between ISHLT and the Heart Failure Association, European Society of Cardiology (HFA of the ESC) in the wonderful city of Athens, Greece on May 18th 2014. A collaborative effort to bring two leading international societies together, ESC HFA Annual meeting Chairman Dr. Gerasimos Filippatos worked closely with Drs. Marisa Crespo-Leiro and Andreas Zuckermann to develop this outstanding symposium. Read more →

Going Dutch: My Experience at University Medical Center in Utrecht

by Alison Gareau

links imageIn January 2014, I received a Traveling Scholarship Award from the ISHLT to visit the lab of Dr. Roel de Weger at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At the 2013 ISHLT conference in Montreal, my supervisor (Dr. Tim Lee) noticed that Dr. de Weger's PhD student, Manon Huibers, was examining the phenomenon of ectopic lymphoid structures (ELS) surrounding the coronary arteries of cardiac transplant patients. As I was also studying these ELS, but focusing on a different role of the adaptive immune system in relation to these structures, they discussed beginning a collaboration following a dinner attended by Manon and our respective thesis supervisors. After several months of sharing our data and developing new experimental ideas through email, phone conversations, and Skype, I was able to travel to the Netherlands to complete the final draft of our collaborative manuscript in person and learn some new techniques for future research. Read more →

1st European Cardio Thoracic Transplant Association Meeting

by Luciano Potena

links imageBreathing and Beating Grafts Calling Europe, 3-4 October 2014, Budapest, Hungary. ECTTA, the novel ESOT section for cardiothoracic transplantation, launches a brand new educational appointment designed to fill the educational needs of European thoracic transplant professionals, by assembling a clinically oriented and breaking through scientific program. Abstracts and poster sessions will additionally gather the best currently available European research in heart and lung transplantation. The abstract submission deadline has been extended to June 15, 2014. For more information, visit


Monograph Volume 8: ISHLT Guidelines for the Management of Pediatric Heart Failure

links imageUnsure of how to manage your patient given the recent advances in heart failure medicine? Then look no further than this monograph which provides an up to date reference for the diagnosis and management of heart failure in the pediatric age group. Edited by Richard Kirk, Anne Dipchand and David Rosenthal and written by experts throughout the world, this is the reference book to go to. The monograph is packed with sensible guidance on investigation and treatment and provides answers to questions such as why and how does the myocyte fail? There are chapters ranging from epidemiology, etiology, diagnostic approach, treatment including mechanical support and many more-with over 1700 up to date references.

CLICK HERE for the full table of contents. Suitable for cardiologists, pediatricians and allied health professionals - be they trainees or experienced staff, it provides the evidence base and expert guidance for management in this challenging area. The Monograph is available now for purchase online at with free shipping throughout the world.

2014 Annual Meeting and Academy Content Now Available!

links imageThe ISHLT 34th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions was conducted April 10-13, 2014 in San Diego, CA, USA before 3200 attendees, our largest ever audience. The content of the meeting covered a broad, multidisciplinary range of topics of interest for our members and professionals who manage and treat patients with end stage heart and lung disease, including those engaged in transplantation, pulmonary hypertension, mechanical circulatory support, heart failure, infectious disease, pathology, pharmacy, basic science, nursing and social science.

To enhance the value and distribution of the content presented at the meeting, we have digitally captured all 29 symposia, all 48 oral abstract sessions, and all 3 Plenary Sessions, and we are offering them via online access for a little as $10/$13 (member/non--member) per 90-120 minute session. You can purchase online access to the entire conference, or you can purchase a package of sessions based on specialty topic. If you purchased access on-site at the meeting, you should have received an email with a code providing you with access to the sessions you purchased. If you did not receive this email, please access the online content site and click on the customer support link for assistance.

We are very pleased to announce that the 3 Plenary Sessions as well as 3 of the concurrent sessions are being offered free to all, members and non-members. We hope you find these both compelling and enjoyable. Three one-day ISHLT Academies are also available on-line: 1) Core Competencies in Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine, 2) Core Competencies in Basic and Translational Science in Thoracic Transplantation, and 3) Core Competencies in Nursing, Health Science, and Allied Health in Thoracic Transplantation.

Your purchases will be stored in a library on the ProLibraries site and will be available for unlimited access through March 31, 2015. To purchase the meeting content, visit We hope you enjoy this service and take advantage of the wealth of information now being offered in digital format. We both welcome and encourage your feedback on how we can improve this service going forward.


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Interesting, Inspiring and Intriguing Links from Around the Globe

Two uplifting stories caught our attention this month: Sophie Burke, a young journalist from Brisbane, Australia, who was born with cystic fibrosis and recently had a double lung transplant, will take part in the Brisbane Times City2South fun run this year and is asking all you Aussies out there to dust off your Nikes and join her! Then read about Wesley Joyce, a self-confessed 'bad boy' who felt compelled to donate his kidney to a mother-of-two after hearing that she went into renal failure after having to take strong medication following a double lung transplant in 2009. The tremendous courage of people is humbling, isn't it! Read more →


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ISHLT Members in the News

It's always nice to brag about our ISHLT members in the news, and this month is no exception. From Australia, we have Kumud Dhital from St. Vincent's in Sydney; from Canada, Haissam Haddad from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute in Ottawa; and from the United States, Deborah Budge from Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, Dan Dilling from Loyola University in Illinois, and Scott Lick from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Read more →


Editor's Corner: Voltaire, The Enlightenment and The Wit (WIT)

by Vincent Valentine

Think of France, then Paris, Cafés filled with artisans and literary scholars, art, cooking, croissants, coffee, wine, cheese, style, fashion, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre, The Riviera, Versailles, Marseilles, Bastille, Love, Pepé Le Pew, and the Aristocats: Duchess, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz (referring to Hector Berlioz - last page of ISHLT Links October 2011 Vol 3, Issue 5) are among the first thoughts that come to mind. For the ISHLT in 2015, Nice and because of this issue of the Links, Voltaire will enlighten us. Voltaire shaped Western Europe, Western Culture, Western Civilization and through all of this, he shaped the culture and thinking of the rest of the 18th century world as he continues to shape us today. Read more →


Vincent G Valentine, MD

Editorial Staff

"It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong."
— Voltaire

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