Many thanks to Christina Migliore, Ed Horn, and Dylan Miller (JFTC, Pharmacy and Pathology Council Links Liaisons) for coordinating the focus content for this issue.


For this seasonal issue—the last issue of 2013—the Pathology, the Pharmacy and Pharmacology and the Junior Faculty and Trainees Councils spotlight the sunsational highlights tuning us in for the 2014 meeting in San Diego from Faces, Explorations, and Highly-Sensitized Patients to Blood, Bugs, Drugs, Dishes or Lishes and Pulmonary Hypertension as well as Coming of Age, Drills, Pressurized Pipes and Pumps, Capsules and Dilemmas. There are several Cores and of course there is the Masters in Mechanical Circulatory Support.

We also have some Weighty Issues for our candidates for Lung Transplantation by Beth Coplan and Christina Migliore from Beth Israel in Newark and an interview with our very own living legend, the inimitable Paul Corris by Christina. Also, Miae Kim from the Brigham and Women's gives us a treatise on the newly FDA approved, extended-release tacrolimus, and Chris Ensor of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center updates us on the challenges of Pneumocystic jiroveci prophylaxis with the incomparable trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

Dylan Miller from Intermountain Central Lab in Murray, Utah draws our attention to the recently published definitive reference cardiac antibody mediated rejection. Margaret Burke of London, Ornella Leone of Bologna and Clair Toquet of Nantes show us the clustering of an integrated network of European Cardiovascular Pathologists and their evolving efforts to promote quality control studies, undertake multicenter investigations, and link-up with other groups to discuss current and evolving practices in heart transplant pathology. Then there remains our Special Interest stories, News and Announcements, and of course Links from Outta This World and those that Tattle for us into the upcoming New Year.

Happy Holidays!

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ISHLT 2014 in Sunsational San Diego!

Highlights from the 34th Annual Meeting and ISHLT Academies related to:

    • Junior Faculty and Trainees
    • Pharmacy & Pharmacology
    • Pathology

Find out which sessions will be of most interest to YOU! Read more →


Helping Your Patient Achieve an Adequate Weight to be Suitable for Lung Transplant

by Beth Coplan and Christina Migliore

Most people have struggled with their weight at some point in their lives. Some people need to lose weight, while others have difficulty gaining weight. Women may want to lose weight to fit in a specific dress, to feel more attractive and confident, or to become healthier, while men may want to build muscle and become more physically fit. But what happens when you are not most people? Read more →

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Transplant Greats: An Interview with Paul Corris

by Christina Migliore

To continue our series on the legends in the field of heart and lung transplant we get to know a little more about Dr Paul Corris. Dr Corris needs no introduction. He can always be found at every ISHLT meeting with his trademark scarf and turned up collar. His accomplishments in the field are extraordinary. He served as the President of the ISHLT from 2007-2008 and president of the European Society for Heart and Lung Transplant from 2006-2008. He was elected to the office of President of the British Thoracic Society in 2009-2010. I have included some questions that I thought would let us get to know this prominent and praised physician. Read more →


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Extended Release Tacrolimus (Astagraf XL™, Advagraf®: Same Old Drug in a Different Package?

by Miae Kim

Tacrolimus extended-release capsules (Astagraf XL™, Astellas Pharm US, Inc. Northrook, IL) were approved in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2013. The development of this new formulation garnered interest due to a possible improvement in immunosuppressive medication compliance. This formulation has been approved for use in European countries since 2007 under the trade name Advagraf®, and it has been approved for use in 73 countries worldwide. Read more →

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Pneumocystis Jiroveci Pneumonia Prophylaxis After Lung Transplantation: The Bactrim Story...

by Chris Ensor

Pneumocystis jiroveci is an opportunistic fungus that is recognized as a major public health hazard, particularly for recipients of solid-organ transplantation (SOT) [1]. Pneumocystis jiroveci exists in three known forms: trophozoite, cyst, and sporozoite. Its primary mode of transmission is aerosolization from host-to-host; after which it remains indolent until a period of opportunity for reactivation, such as that experienced during enhanced immunosuppression immediately after transplantation. Read more →


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What's New in the Pathology Council?

by Dylan Miller

This has been a productive year for the Pathology Council, with our attention focused primarily on solidifying our work in cardiac AMR over the past few years and expanding efforts to define and understand AMR in lung allografts. Here are a few highlights, forthcoming papers, and symposia from the Pathology Council as 2013 wraps up. Read more →

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The AECVP Cardiac Transplant Pathology Network

by Margaret Burke, Ornella Leone, and Claire Toquet

A Cardiac Transplant Pathology Working Group was established under the auspices of the AECVP in 2008 by Margaret Burke and Annalisa Angelini and was given Steering Committee status in 2012 with the addition of Ornella Leone and Claire Toquet as members. Our aims are to create a European network of pathologists to discuss current and evolving practice in cardiac transplant pathology; to promote quality control studies in both diagnostic and technical fields; to undertake multi-centre studies on cardiac transplant pathology; and to establish working relationships with sister societies involved in cardiac transplantation. Read more →


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AHA 2013: Highlights of Interest to ISHLT Members

by Rakesh Singh, Ryan Tedford, and Eugene DePasquale

The 2013 Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association were held in Dallas, TX from November 16-20, 2013. The sheer size of the meeting makes it impossible to discuss all abstracts of importance for ISHLT members. Below are a few of the highlights from another great meeting. Read more →

The Magical, Mystical and Mythical Music of Mozart: The Mere Mortal

by Vincent Valentine

It's December, it's the time for merriment and celebration and for the third time in three years the ISHLT Links gives you another treatise a selected composer of Great Music and his influence on the World and the ISHLT. Read more →

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Death Of Para Given A Faulty Heart Prompts 'Marginal Organs' Concern

With an Introduction by John Dark

"We will put you on the list for a transplant, give you a new heart;" typical words to a newly listed potential recipient. It's the same for any organ transplant. We talk about these "new organs" as if the analogy is the 2013 model, just rolling out of the showroom, no miles on the clock, free servicing and a 7 year warranty on the bodywork.

The reality is very different; these organs are all used, all have some imperfections, perhaps worse after brain death. For the heart, the donor may have hypertension, LVH, maybe smoked (and not just tobacco). Some of these risks can be quantified, but some are entirely unpredictable, as the blocked LAD in a donor below anyone's age cut-off for an angio.

We are making big steps, certainly in the UK, in formally explaining the donor related risks. The whole transplant thing is a gamble, and the majority of our patients realize this. On our donor risk consent form, most tick the "I-will-take-any-organ-the-team-thinks-is-good-enough-for-me" box, implying that most still trust that same team. Only when that goes wrong, do we find ourselves facing the media; time to roll out your most eminent surgeon... Link to Article


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ISHLT Grants and Awards Applications Are Online - APPLY TODAY!

The 2014 ISHLT Grants and Awards applications are available online at Deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday, January 15, 2014. Grants will be awarded at the ISHLT 34th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, April 10-13, 2014 in San Diego, California. Also, view a Special Invitation for JFTC members.

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IMACS Registry Meeting — SAVE THE DATE!

Thursday, April 10, 2014, 7:15-8:30 PM (PST)

The IMACS Registry Meeting will take place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in GASLAMP A-C Room. All are invited to attend! Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to seeing you!! RSVP: Please confirm your attendance by emailing Sharmene Smith at


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Interesting, Inspiring and Intriguing Links from Around the Globe

Compelling news in heart and lung transplantation this month include inspiring and important stories from Canada, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Read more →


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ISHLT Members in the News

Some of our ISHLT members from all over the world have been found in the news this month. See who made this month's issue! Read more →


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Unearthing Latin Out Of English

by Vincent Valentine

As we continue our journey to improve communication for our patients through the Links, we move from the Hellenistic influence to the language of the Roman Empire. Latin is not dead. Actually, along with Greek, Latin elements are very much alive and quite active in many English words today from speech to writing. Knowledge of Latin unveils the relics of Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes that compose much of English. Read more →


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[trich-er-ate] - To pulverize or to crush, grind, pound or rub into fine particles or a powder;

Synonyms include comminute, granulate, levigate, masticate and pulverize. To pulverize and to triturate are essentially interchangeable and suggest reducing something to fine particles or powder. Pulverize comes from Latin pulvis, dust and by derivation suggests reducing something to dust. Triturate comes from Latin meaning to thresh grain or tread out corn. By derivation it suggests the violent beating, pounding, crushing, rubbing or grinding action. The corresponding noun is trituration. In medicine and pharmacy a mortar and pestle are important tools to triturate herbs and pills.


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